Halloween Time

I love Halloween. I think I've always loved it. I remember this one time when I was little and we were living in Iowa and I was a witch. Our ward (or maybe stake or branch... I don't know that kind of detail I was really little) would do a "trunk or treat" because we were spread out over the city so much that it was a safe way for us to celebrate halloween with people we knew. Anyway, I don't remember if there were many other festivities at the "trunk or treat" or if I'm imagining that part, but I remember having gross stuff in my hair and on my face and I went to get a drink out of the drinking fountain and it tasted nasty because of the makeup or whatever it was... I still loved dressing up as a witch though.
* I just found proof of this memory.
Also, here's proof that Tyler used to dress up :)

But They look different ages in these two pictures... so maybe he was always a pirate and got tired of it and that is why he doesn't like to dress up ;)

It's a little weird to me that Tyler doesn't like to dress up, but he isn't at all against me dressing up if I so desire, or me dressing Luke up. So..... I got Luke a Lion costume because he's Luke the Lion Cub (also refer to here at the bottom of the post)! I can't get over how cute he is in it. I want him to just wear it all the time! It is soft and cuddly and he puts up with it so well! It wasn't too expensive, but still I feel like it is a lot to pay for an infant costume when I don't plan on taking him Trick or Treating seeing as he can't ask for himself... and can't eat it himself either. I'd feel dumb. Also, since he's not in school he doesn't get to wear it there and show it off... so when does he get to show it off?! The only time I can think of is if we have a family halloween party and still I think it's silly to get a costume and wear it only once. Therefore, I told Tyler yesterday that he can't make fun of me if I randomly put Luke in it this month. It's more like Halloween month now.

Anyway, I put Luke in it after his afternoon nap yesterday and took some pictures of him in it out in my in-law's back yard. We grew some things in their garden this spring/summer because my mother-in-law didn't want to do it this year. We grew some corn and I think it added a lot to the pictures. Don't mind the stupid white lining of the head part... I can't get it to stay tucked under :(
Here he is all dressed up and ready to go outside.

Such a sweetheart. He's very loving.
He's stalking his prey in this picture :)

Yup... He's cute. haha
I think there was a bird.
This one seriously cracks me up! I can just imagine "What IS this thing on my hand? Well there's really only one way to find out...
"Gotta taste it. "

FYI... It is hard to hold a baby in a tree securely and take a good picture too. This is the only picture I was able to take so I'm glad it turned out. He really wanted to grab the camera.


Kels said…
CUUUUUTE! I love it Bre! he is a doll!!
Two things.

1) I love your Halloweenie blog decor. Darling.

2) I'm so glad we found that cute-cute-cute costume! :)
Shay said…
He is a cute Lion!
Angie said…
Your Iowa memories are right. It was our ward trunk or treat and they always had a big party afterwards. A funny story about the year you were the witch...Christy was a witch, too. They did a costume contest and whoever won got a cake from the cake decorating contest or something like that. They called out that Sister Stone who was the witch one. You and Christy both ran up there, but they were talking about her. You were pretty sad. Good times!