So remember a few weeks ago when I told you all that Mother Nature hates us? Well she warmed up to us and we finally got to take Luke on his first real Camping trip (real meaning... we didn't come home dejected, not real meaning out in the middle of no where with no potty etc.). We went camping the weekend before this last one and it was so fun. We went with Tyler's brother and his family to a campground by Mirror Lake in Kamas. The only other time I'd been camping up there was to the beautiful Alexander Lake and I had no idea that there are about a million lakes up there and loads of places to camp. Well we got there and found a cute little camping spot that didn't look so great driving past, but when I got out to check it out I noticed two perfect tent spots surrounded by trees and a little stream in the back. Here are some pictures of camp.

Tyler tried fishing in the little stream and thought he got a nibble.

After we set up the tent it was nap time for Luke. This was before he wouldn't sleep because he was teething. He's laying on every single blanket he owns all piled up. It was cozy.

(at night before it got cold, when Luke didn't want to sleep because he was teething)

(in the morning when it wasn't as cold but still a bit chilly because Luke likes to wake up early when we're camping.)
It was supposed to get really cold at night (which turned out to be true) so we stopped at Walmart on the way to get some thick yarn for Tyler to make a beanie out of for Luke. He's pretty much a professional beanie I bet he'd deny it if you asked though. I love how it kinda looks like an army helmet haha.

The first morning we went to a water fall and Luke got to walk with his dad. He liked it.

Here's what breakfast looked like the 2nd morning.... mmmm... I'm glad Tyler and his brother Tim know how to use those dutch ovens.

We went fishing a lot and tyler and I both caught fish. I caught an albino rainbow fish (how ironic is that?) but it was too small to eat so we threw it back. Tyler caught a young rainbow fish and threw it back and then caught a bigger albino rainbow fish and kept it. There didn't seem to be any really big ones. He gutted it and cooked it over the fire. I thought it would be fun to record him gutting the fish... so I did. If your squeamish don't watch it... even though it was dark and I was also holding the flash light so I'm not sure how much you can see.
Over all Luke was very well behaved. He was tired and hurting because he was teething so he didn't want me to lay him down for his naps.... which I did anyway most of the time. We saw Sunday morning that his tooth came through. That was the first time he slept through the night from between 8 and 9 pm Saturday until around 6. He has ever since and it is awesome! I'll give the credit to camping. :)

We had so much fun! I didn't dream about Luke being a lion cub this time, but I didn't have to dream about it for him to still sound like one. I was riding in the back seat one time on the way back from fishing and got a couple pretty good videos of him growling at his toy... so we'll end with that. Enjoy.


CUTE! You made me want to go camping, though. Way to go. I looked at all your adorable pictures and, in turn, looked at my husband with wanton eyes and he just laughed at me. He probably laughed because it was, like, 58 degrees today and he would rather die than go camping in the cold. :) I'll have to see what I can do...