Luke The Lion Cub

Once upon a time, Tyler and I went camping with his brother and family while I was pregnant with Luke. It was only september I believe, and I was still having a lot of all day - morning sickness. I actually didn't throw up that whole time even though I felt like it many times. That's beside the point and really has nothing to do with the story... but oh well. Anyway, all through out my pregnancy I had weird dreams. I know dreams are normally weird, but these were crazy weird dreams. Well as usual, that night at the campsite, I had a strange dream. In my dream we were walking around the campsite because it was a zoo. When we walked passed the lion's den, suddenly our baby (still inside of my womb) turned into a lion cub. I was really upset and didn't know how to get him to turn back and asked Tyler what we were going to do if our baby was a lion. That's all I remember from that dream, but I woke up I thought to myself "wow, that's weird". Well I'm going to post proof that the dream was more like a revelation about Luke... perhaps a way of Luke trying to let me get to know him before he was born.

I like to refer to him as Luke the Lion Cub because it is so much more appropriate that we realized it would be... and if feels cool rolling off the tongue. :) Usually when Luke does this lion's growl/ roar he is in his car seat or something and I don't have the camera so this time I sat him down and tried to create the situation that would get him growling. The quality of growl isn't as impressive as usual, but hey... I recorded it.


Grandma Bushman said…
Thanks for sharing :)