One way or the other

Well, It's official. Luke rolls over from his back to his tummy now. I don't remember if I actually blogged about trying to teach him to roll over... or if I just thought about it. I think I only thought about it. Ok well I've been trying to get him motivated to roll over. He's been really lazy about rolling over. I posted that blog about him rolling from his tummy to his back and then it got to the point where I could hardly get him to do tummy time because he'd just roll over every time. It was kinda funny but I think he must have scared himself onetime or something because all of a sudden he just stopped rolling over. He would just lay there on his tummy until he was tired of holding himself up and he would cry and scream and lay his head down and never roll over, so I'd have to help him. I've only seen him roll over 2 times that I can think of since he stopped rolling over and I think he did it on accident. So I've been working with him trying to get him to roll both ways. He was getting so close to rolling to his tummy anyway because he would roll to his side but not put the effort into rolling the rest of the way. Well last week I left him to play on the floor with Tyler while I made dinner. I could hear Tyler trying to encourage him to roll over and then Tyler was all excited yelling to me from the living room that he did it. I came in and Luke was on his tummy, sure enough. Well a few minutes later (while I was back in the kitchen after he'd tried to get him to do it again for me but he wouldn't do it) Tyler started yelling for me to come in. By the time I got in there he'd already done it. A day or two later while I was home alone, I left Luke playing in his crib while I ran to the bathroom. I warned him that if he rolled over while I was gone so I couldn't see it he'd be in big trouble. He did it, and wouldn't do it again for me. This happened two more times on Thursday when he was playing on the floor and my Mother-In-Law was watching him while I got my things together to go teach harp in Logan. Twice he was on his back when I went down stairs and happily playing on his tummy when I got upstairs. I would try to encourage him with toys to roll over so I could see it and he would just smile at me with this sly smile. He would roll to his side and act like he was going to roll over then give up right at the part where he either finishes the roll to his tummy or rolls back to his back. Friday was the first time I saw him roll over and now he won't stop. He's always trying to roll over while I'm changing his diaper, and if he's playing on the floor it doesn't take long until he rolls over. This is great except he STILL won't roll back from his tummy to his back! So as soon as he's done on his tummy he's all upset because he's stuck there or something. I don't know what to do to get him un-scared of rolling to his back. Here are some videos of him almost rolling over last week and then one of him rolling over this morning.

He was being camera shy and would just lay there starring at the camera when he saw it so that time I tried to hide it.