Up to Bat

All during high school Tyler played on the Davis High Baseball team. He was the catcher and I've heard he was a pretty amazing one at that. He was the captain of his team and was even a good batter when it came his turn (or so I hear... sometimes I wish I could time travel and see him in action during his prime). Well last night Tyler and I got to have our own game. It was really unexpected and quite the adventure.

Lately Tyler's been working on his Spanish (which he learned on his mission) by reading his Spanish Book of Mormon to me out loud. After we do our other reading and all the things that encompass getting ready for bed, he reads to me and, since I only catch a word hear or there, I have a tendency to fall asleep to the rhythm of his voice. Last night was no different. I didn't even realize I'd fallen asleep or that Tyler had turned off the lamp and tried to do the same when something fell. Still asleep... I didn't notice. Tyler said he was almost asleep when he heard something fall. It wasn't a big fall mind you, so he thought it was his scriptures settling into place on his night stand or something. The thing is, he heard something again, so he looked over and saw something. He grabbed his cell phone and opened it for a little light, not wanting to wake me with the lamp, (what a sweet guy right?) and saw something fly over his head to my night stand. When it landed I heard it and woke up. I thought my cup of water had tipped over and I was really worried about the pregnancy books lying close by on the floor. I didn't have long to worry though, because Tyler said "I think there's a moth in here". I'm thinking, "right, well a moth isn't going to tip over my glass and if I over react... I probably will tip it over." Just then I heard something by my pillow so I calmly pulled the blanket up around me waiting for it to fly away. Yeah... the calm feel lasted about 3 seconds; "wait! I think it's a bat!" changed that instantly. All of a sudden I was thinking I probably pulled the blanket up around it too and it was under there with me. Trying to stay calm I lovingly ordered Tyler to turn on the bedroom light. Sure enough... there was a bat in our bedroom. Not a little one either!
here's our furry little friend... just chillin on our curtains

We determined that he wasn't a vampire, even though halloween is right around the corner.
he really does look like a rat with wings. "you're nothin' but a nothin', a nothin' , a nothin' . . ."

So we determined with Tyler's baseball skills he'd be best at handling the bat. So I nominated him catcher. I volunteered as photographer... hiding under the covers in case it flew my direction.
Tyler grabbed his catcher's glove... or a towel that we had hanging up in the room, and hoped the bat wouldn't put up a fight and try to bite through the towel. We also hoped it didn't have rabies...
That's Tyler leaning in to get a better look before he grabbed it.
Success!! He said it didn't put up a fight at all! He was almost to the door when I realized I was safe and should probably go open the front door for him. He let it go and the furry little guy flew right away. I got to see first hand that Tyler is an awesome catcher and he seems to be pretty skilled when he's up to bat. :)

We're not sure how this visitor got in, or how long he's been hanging out in our apartment. It does make us a little nervous though because there aren't any openings in the windows big enough for that guy's head to fit through and there aren't any other places that seem plausible. When I got home from work last night I came in and left the door open for like 30 seconds because my hands were full... but I don't really think he flew in unnoticed during that time. Another theory could be the big metal duct, or whatever you want to call it, coming from the ceiling in the furnace closet. The heater hasn't been on the whole time we've lived there so maybe our bat friend was in the vents somewhere and he came out of there... and then got out through the unusually big gap under the door. I don't know, but I hope he's the only one!


Shay said…
That's awesome and CrAzY! Good job Tyler! I hope he (or she, you never know) is the only too!
Amy said…
I'm a chicken, I would've squealed and screamed (or scrame....whatever) and hid under the covers without a thought of the camera. You're brave. :)
BreAnne said…
After sitting there for a little while I decided it might not move unless provoked so I ran for my camera... when do I EVER get such a good thing to blog about? :)It was bravery for a cause. haha
hahha when we were in our first apartment out in eagle mountain there was a bat on our outside light and it scared me half to death! clearly they like to prey on newly weds!
Agh! I think that would have freaked me out, good job! Glad Tyler was around to save you! :o)
Lyndsie said…
I'm freaking out just reading it! Phils keeps saying what? Whats wrong? and I just showed him the pictures lol. I'm so glad that Tyler was there too! Can you imagine if that would have happened when you were home alone? I'd be running down the street screaming!
Kristeee said…
Eeps! See, this is why we get married - to have big guys around to take care of the creepy crawly things! (Okay, there are a few other reasons, too!)

Glad you guys didn't get your blood sucked out or anything. :)
kimmers said…
Haha! This is so funny. And a bit creepy. Glad it all worked out and now you have something to laugh about forever. We get bats at our cabin all the time and my dad, Matt, and Jason have had some fun playing 'baseball' with them. Gagg.
BreAnne said…
That is funny. When we told our neighbor he said at their cabin they leave the door open then turn off the lights and start swinging their tennis rackets around... leaving hundreds of them dead. I liked Tyler's approach much better.