Tonight Tyler and I went to our second Hypnobirthing class, and I'm really excited to be bringing my baby into the world in this way. What better way is there to welcome a new person into the world than in a calm happy environment where the focus is on letting things happen the way our bodies were made to do them and then loving and bonding with that baby? I'm feeling very opinionated on the subject, because our bodies were designed to bring souls into the world. Our Father in Heaven designed a perfect system, and just like with other things He designed for us, if we trust Him and the plan he came up with, things will work out. He blesses us with an understanding of medicine so that if something isn't working the way it should because of sickness, injury, or some condition that was unforseen, we have the ability to handle the situation. However, if things are in working order, why interfere? That is the question on my mind. Why not trust our bodies which were created by someone with a perfect knowledge of what needs to happen to ensure more spirits receive bodies? Why not put it in His hands just as we should with all other endeavors in our lives?

Here are some interesting facts I've learned that lead me to feel so amazed at our bodies and excited about hypnobirthing:
- Just like with other mammals, when birth takes place in a calm, relaxed situation, our bodies release endorphins.
- Endorphins are not only a natural relaxant but a natural "pain killer" which is 200 times stronger than morphine
- The uterus is one of the most toned muscles in body, and it does it all by its self without you even noticing (most of the time... I notice when I have practice contractions haha)
- Babies born where pain killers and other drugs haven't been used are more alert, and calm upon entering the world.

There are so many more things but in order to tell you about them correctly I'd need to get out my book so I don't say something wrong. :) I am sure some people will think I'm crazy to go this way because this is my first so obviously I'm naive, but I really believe that the more we understand about how our bodies work, and trust them, the better things work, and the better the experience. I've never witnessed someone who had an epidural (and I've obviously never experienced it), but from what I've heard, I don't want to feel out of it and not in control. I don't want my baby to feel out of it because of what drugs make it to him through me. I want to be alert and in charge of what is happening. I want to feel confident and at peace. I want to be fully aware of what is going on, and able to really enjoy that moment when my baby is out and the put him up on my chest for me to hold. Call me crazy if you think I am, I'm not trying to offend anyone who feels differently, but this is how I feel, and I'm excited about it.

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Amy said…
Sarah had her last one hypno and LOVED the experience. I've never heard anyone who has done it say they had a bad experience. I think it's great you're doing it this way. Go you!
Are you doing it in a hospital or some kind of health center? I would just not advise you to do a home birth, my neighbor almost lost her baby because she had a complication and almost didn't make it to the hospital in time. Also the medication in epidurals doesn't get to the baby that's why they put it in your spine, I didn't feel out of it but I know some people who have so I can totally understand that :) I actually watched a birthing video of different birthing processes and the woman who didn't use any pain killers seemed the most calm and happy :) Good luck on your pregnancy and congrats!!!
R.D.S said…
Good for you to choose to do it this way. I myself have had three epidurals and never felt out of it and my babies were fine. But that is the great thing about being able to choose how you want to give birth. Good luck with everything. I agree with Alicia, don't have your baby at home, have it somewhere that just in case there is a problem, everything will be fine with you and the baby.
Dawn said…
I was in labor for over 24 hours and didn't have any pain killers. It was not what I would call calm. I thought I was going to die! I went through 3 shifts of Doctors. Mike was a whole different birth. I had a epidural and I enjoyed this far more than the other. I say never say never, good luck with the hypno thing and congrats.
BreAnne said…
Thanks, I'm feeling really optimistic. I'm glad the epidural doesn't make everyone feel out of it, I've heard it both ways, but I've heard far more about not remembering a whole lot because they were out of it. Don't worry, I'll be at a hospital with my nurse midwife, my cousin had a complication with a home birth too and could have died herself so I decided I didn't want to risk that. Thanks for the encouragement!
Laura-Clark said…
I agree with you... I mean back in the day they didn't have drugs and people were just fine. I just heard it hurts like crazy but there are natural things to do that helps with the pain. My sister didn't have an epidural and she said it hurt, but she felt good after and was able to get up and move around. I hear you have a faster recovery if you don't have an epidural. You will definitely have to blog about your experience!
Janeal said…
Oh my goodness I totally agree! I think it's selfish when women get epidurals before even trying without one. I usually say something like "you know epidurals drug your baby, right?" women have been having babies for centuries without painkillers, so it's got to be possible! I can't think of a better way to bring a child into the world than to do it right. You go girl!
Jenny said…
I too was optimistic about going "natural" but due to my small opening in my pelvis I had to be enduced because Alex was getting too big and my body was not doing the natural thing and putting me into labor. I had to stay in the bed to labor because they had to monitor Alex the whole time. All my plans had to change. Looking back, I am thankful for the drugs that were able to make it so I had a vaginal delivery rather than a C-section when my baby was too big. I still would like to have a "natural" childbirth, but with plenty of doctors around in case plans have to change. It is good to have a plan and be optimistic but don't be too disappointed if your plan has to change. Good luck!
Katy said…
Good for you, girl! I've never had a baby either, but the idea of natural childbirth has always seemed spiritual to me. I had a mom tell me once after her first baby (all natural) that it was the most spiritual experience of her life. I can see that... feeling like a part of a long line of women through the ages who gave birth naturally. It's beautiful, really.