Dax's Photo Contest

Hello all my friends, family and followers. I'll just call you my triple f's. Ok, enough silliness, I need your help.

I entered Daxton's photo into a contest with Parents Magazine. There is a $250 gift card for the winner but the winner will be eligible to for the contest to be on the cover of the magazine and the prize with that is really sweet. So... I need your voting power!

Here's the URL:

Photo Take by Stacey Stone. This is a link to the vote
You can vote once a day through Sunday May 13th, and you can share the link through Facebook and Twitter. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to get the word out through facebook, twitter, email, text and now my blog but I'm also going to be taking around some flyers to my neighbors. We could really use this help so please take a second and vote for Dax. Seriously, it's such a cute picture!