Busy Busy

Holy Shamoly it feels like it has been forever since I've been able to blog!! Today is a saturday and my boys are napping so I might get one post in! Well here's why I've been busy:

1. I got a night job
2. Because of this night job I need to take a nap when my boys do
3. Because I nap during nap time... I can't blog during nap time and there is no way Luke would behave long enough for me to blog about anything when he's awake.
(proof: I had a hard time getting up from my nap the day before yesterday and Luke went snooping through the fridge while I was laying there trying to get up and found Dax's container of prunes and ate them... yes, prunes loosen the bowels... a lot.)

4. I have so much house work to try to stay caught up on when I'm not sleeping or working that blogging doesn't fall at the top of the to do list.

So there you have it. A couple of months ago Tyler wasn't getting as many hours as usual and although we knew that was a temporary thing... We were extremely stressed about making our payments on things. So I decided to look on Jobs.utah.gov and see if there were any good options for me to go to work. I haven't worked since October 2009! I quit working at Fredrico's pizza in Logan when we moved away and I wasn't able to find another job before I had Luke and then I stopped looking so I could be a Homemaker.
(Me in all my glory holding newborn Luke in the special care nursery)
 It has been such a blessing to be at home with my kids and I'm grateful for all we have. We weren't in too big a problem and we knew there would be more hours available for Tyler soon so the job had to fit certain criteria or we both would have shot it down.

1. It can't take me away from taking care of the kids and family.

(I am well aware of the "Warning" sticker stating the age is from 2-6 but he did really well and it was fun for them to sit together)

(Dax watching Luke in the swimming pool see below)

(Silly Luke!)
( p.s. we got chickens and those are their nests in the back ground in the dog run)

2. It can't be during the only time I would have with Tyler after he gets home from work.
(This family portrait was taken by my amazing sister in law Stacey Stone and you can check out her blog here!)

3. It can't be during the only time I would have to sleep.
4. The pay has to be worth it.

I started applying and as I sent my resume out, I added in the email the hours I would be willing to work so if it was impossible then they could know not to bother. I got a call to interview for a job caring for special needs individuals in their homes. I went to the interview and I didn't feel happy about it. I found out the hours would be all night and I would be at someone's house while they were sleeping in case they woke up and needed assistance. I would basically be cleaning their house all night or doing some paperwork. I just had an uneasy feeling about it. I thought the job seemed legit but I didn't feel like it was right for me... especially when I found out it would be minimum wage and I would be trained in CPR and first aid and responsible to help them should something happen. I'm not going to feel that type of responsibility on my shoulders for minimum wage unless I'm a volunteer life saving person, which I'm not.

I called Tyler after the interview and we talked about it and I told him how I felt and he said he would have told me to say no even if they offered me the job. Well that night I got a call from another company to do a phone interview and the girl doing the interview said it was for a data processing job. The next night the grave shift manager for the data job called me to do a second more serious phone interview and gave me an unofficial job offer for a full time job as a data processor for a company called Sentinel Field Services in Clearfield. He said the hours would be 9:30 pm - 6am or I could do the swing shift from 4:30 pm - 1am. I sat there for a minute kinda frustrated because if I didn't the swing shift I would never see my husband during work days and I would miss out on dinner and bed time with my kids. If  I took the grave shift I wouldn't get any sleep except maybe an hour during nap time.

So I told the guy that I couldn't do all of either shift and I could do like 9 - 1 or something part time but I couldn't really work so late because I still have to get up and be mom all day. Well he said there was one part time position and he would have to check with his boss to see if he could give it to me but he was pretty sure he could and it would be from 9:30pm - 2am. In my opinion this was the perfect fit. Tyler and I usually try to go to bed around 10 so I'm usually getting ready for bed at 9:30 so that would leave most of the evening for me to get to talk and still see my husband and I could still get around 4 hours of sleep at night and 1-2 at nap time. All the criteria I had set down were met so I took the job.

Tyler seemed nervous as my first day approached. Everyone I had talked to about the news was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get enough rest and that I would be in danger at such hours at night. Well so far the parking lot hasn't shown any signs of being scary or dangerous so I'm not too worried about that, and as long as I nap when the boys do, I'm not too tired to function. Some days I'm more tired than others, but most of the time I'm ok.

So, That's the biggest news and the first news I've had about me in a while. I would love to have harp gigs often enough that I wouldn't need to work in an office type setting, but until I figure out how to get my name out there enough, I will do this as long as we need me to and as long as it doesn't cause problems in our lives. I'm hoping this will make the possibility of Tyler going back to school more do-able!

Adding in all those pictures took up all my time. Luke and Dax are awake and I have to go now. I hope there aren't any embarrassing typos since I don't have time to finish proof reading! See ya!


Lyndsie said…
Wow! You are super mom! I've been thinking about doing something like that but I'm so scared I wont be able to function. You go girl! :)
I LOVE that picture with them together in the cart. SO DANG CUTE I could just die!!

And I also love the last picture. You can definitely tell they're brothers :)
BreAnne Sargent said…
Haha thanks! You are too nice! You know I was worried about the same thing but I figured I could always quit if I couldn't get enough rest or if it was taking away from my family in some way. I wouldn't have been willing if Dax was still as little as Ryder though! He is so cute in your pictures!
BreAnne Sargent said…
Thank you m'dear! I couldn't get them to look at me for the world but it is still cute!