I... bought a piano yesterday. It is old. It needs work. It needs to be tuned. But it was only $80 and it isn't junk. It will be a good piano for my needs and my boys already love playing it! Feast your eyes on this beauty:

as you can kind of see... the front legs are falling off. The mirror that usually covers all those pegs fell off on the drive home and broke but I want to cover it with something else anyway. there are scratches and scuffs and it is out of tune but not so much that it hurts your ears a lot to play it. I haven't found any keys that stick or that are chipped so I'm grateful for that. Only the right pedal works, but that is the most important one anyway in my opinion... since I hardly ever used the left or middle even when I was taking lessons. So it makes the living room feel even smaller, but I needed it and it will be loved.

Also, some day I will have to reupholster the bench too!


Bethany Louise said…
I'm so jealous! I am aching to have a piano of my own, but things things aren't usually cheap. Yours looks great, and fixing a few things up might be kind of fun! And you're totally right about the right pedal being the only important one :)