Heat Wave

Yesterday it felt so good outside that we grilled hot dogs outside on our actual grill instead of in the toaster oven in the kitchen. The smell made me think of summer and I got really excited for it to be summer.

After the hot dogs were all gone I thought it would be fun to eat a popsicle outside and keep pretending it was summer. That is what is all over luke's face in the pictures. He actually smiled and said cheese when I pulled out my phone for a picture, too bad my phone is so slow! I tried to get him to do it again and he kind of did but never as well as the first.

To top off a wonderful pretend summer day we went to the park. Luke goes down the slide sitting up like a big kid every time now. He is a big kid! He also climbed up the chain ladder onto the play structure all by himself multiple times without falling. He is such a good climber!

Dax sat in his car seat with the cover off and soaked up every minute of freedom to look st the world.

The weather widget on my phone says it isn't summer yet and so the pretending can't last forever but it was fun!


Cute! I love pretend summer days. "It's the best!" {name that movie ;)} Hannah and I went for a walk around the neighborhood this morning, but it turned out to be quite windy after we got a ways out. Oh, well. It was still fun!