Checkin' in

Remember how excited I was when I announced that I had figured out how to tether my phone's internet to my computer and so I hoped I would be able to blog more? That was a while ago huh? Turns out the compatibly between my phone and computer isn't ideal. I can only get the tethering to work 1% of the time and then when it does work it stops working after a short period of time. I figure it is because my phone is an Android and my computer is a Macbook. I wish my phone was an Iphone, but we are with tmobile. Anyway... They don't play nicely so that is why I haven't blogged much.

I just wanted to post really quick and update a little about us because we are still alive and Tyler is still working as an electrician apprentice. I'm still a stay at home mom teaching harp lessons 3 times a week after Tyler gets home.
Tyler installed the microwave and new cabinet over the oven finally and I painted the new cabinet. (See picture below)
Luke is really trying to speak full ideas now and I get a kick out of listening to him try to string words together to express his thoughts. He is also becoming more of a parrot in that he will randomly start repeating everything I say.
Dax can sit up on his own (not get to sitting alone, but stay there when set in a sitting position), roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy. He can scoot himself around when he plays on the floor and when all of these things are combined, I find him laying under the crib playing with the crib skirt and shiney metal parts (see pictures).
Luke turned 2 on March 14th. We had family over to celebrate at a park near our house on the 10th. We had a Curious George themed party for him, though I doubt anyone noticed because there were no pictures of they monkey hanging on the pavilion or anything, but a lot of yellow and some George themed gifts. I made a banana split ice cream cake for his birthday cake since Luke and George both like bananas. It was really yummy but really messy because it started melting right away. Luke had fun monkeying around on the playground with his cousins and I think it was a great party. I will have to post pictures later because I don't have them here on my phone.

Lastly, on Luke's actual birthday we took him to a farm (which he thought was the neatest thing ever) and bought a goat. Its name is Scotch because it is a butterscotch color and it is living at Tyler's brother's house since he had a shed and field for it.

Now for the pictures :-)


Shay said…
Your cabinet and microwave look great! And your boys are always so cute!