Two Different and Similar Kids

-High energy ( since right out of the womb he has always been this way)
-Curious, won't play with toys very long, he would rather explore and discover (usually something he had been told to stay out of, like the cleaners...)
-Wouldn't cry himself to sleep, had to be asleep in my arms when I laid him down until around 7 months
-Independent, he likes certain people to play on certain ways but around other kids he observes or finds a toys and plays with it on his own
-Can't sit still, and always hated being put in the little rocking chair or on a blanket on the floor
-Started trying to put weight on his legs right out of the womb, he always wanted to stand
- Hated being swaddled more than just about anything and wouldn't sleep until he was loosed
- Didn't smile without a lot of encouragement until probably 9 months, and still didn't smile at everything
- Didn't laugh at many things until he was close to a year old
- Easy to nurse
-Was a serious spitter, I worried that maybe he had acid reflux but we never had him tested
- Was born with light brown hair which quickly fell out  leaving him bald for a while and was replaced by white blonde toe headed-ness
-His eyes always had a circle of brown right around the pupil and I knew they would end up brown
-Never liked pacifiers and never sucked his thumb


- Mellow
- Entertained by toys ( so far anyway.)
- Doesn't fall asleep easily in
anyone's arms and will cry himself to sleep fairly quickly
- Can't sleep unless he its swaddled tightly (or being cuddled in my bed)
- Calmly sits still with someone or on the little rocking chair or on a blanket on the floor.
- Started putting weight on his feet right away and still likes it but doesn't insist on standing as much as Luke did
- Smiles a lot (especially for me)! Such a sweet smiler and always gets the people behind us at church smiling and whispering to him. He is a bit of a distraction I guess haha
- Laughed early and does more easily than Luke every did so young
-Has always been a real pill to nurse, and has almost been switched to formula multiple times.
- Hardly spits up at all, such a welcome change :-)
-Born with dark brown hair which seems to bet a lighter brown but he has not been bald yet
-His eyes have looked mostly blue ever since he was born.
-Has taken a pacifiers sometimes and just figured out his to suck his thumb

I'm sure I could come up with more but I just find it so interesting to see the things that are so opposite. I love my handsome little guys and I hope they continue to love each other and enjoy each others' company as much as they do right now. I seriously believe Dax was meant to be second in this family. I go crazy sometimes trying to manage everything but I can't imagine how I would have handled them in reverse having a toddler and trying to take care of Luke how he was as a baby on top of that... the nice men on their clean white suits would have taken me away a long time ago!

Well, time to clean the kitchen... Again... so it can get dirty again and then I can clean it again... No. it doesn't stop getting dirty, EVER!


Amy said…
Your boys are BEAUTIFUL! (and so so funny!) (as a side note, the 2nd line under Luke says "tits" instead of "toys") Luke is such an adorable big brother!
Katy said…
Haha, I totally understand! My boys are just as opposite. I knew all kids were different, but I guess I didn't get that it applied to them when they were just infants too. Such cute little guys you have!
Thanks Amy! Stinkin' auto correct! That is so awkward and so funny all at the same time. It makes me wonder how many others read it and didn't tell me, kinda like when some one's fly is down and everyone doesn't know how to tell them. I'm glad told me so I could fix it.

Katy, that is totally how I feel. Everyone had told me how different their kids are and somehow it is still so crazy to me to notice all the differences.