Good Morning

Dax has been eating cereal two times a day for about a month now. He seems to like it but he always sticks his hands in his mouth after I spoon some in there... It is getting to be really messy.

I keep finding that Luke has climbed up and is laying next to Dax when I am not looking. Dax loves having company.

Also there is a random picture of Luke that Dax selected with his elbow and I don't know how to remove from the post... So you get a bonus! Luke secretly went out through the doggy door when I was getting dressed and found my snow boots right outside the door. He looked so funny walking around the backyard in them!


Grandma Bushman said…
love the pictures!!!!!!!!
Oh, fun. I love pictures :) And you, too. But you already knew that... We need to get together sometime soon! Maybe in a couple weeks I can make a trip up and visit you for a bit. I haven't seen Dax and Luke in a small eternity, and you need to see how much Hannah has grown! {It's too bad Smallville was sacrificed long ago or we could have watched a couple episodes/seasons} ;)