Hope everyone had a dandy halloween! We did. This year I went with a very simple costume for both my boys; they were puppies. Some people thought they looked more like bears... maybe that is because there is no tongue hanging out of the mouth on the onsies. I don't know, but they were supposed to be puppies.

I originally wanted Dax to be a frog but it was easier to just have him be a puppy too... And I thought he made a pretty cute one.

As you can see from the picture of luke crying, Luke doesn't like holding still, especially not long enough to have me paint a really cool puppy design on his face. So I had to start over and simplify things and it really didn't turn out like I wanted. Oh well.

After lunch on halloween, I practiced trick or treating with Luke. I stuck him outside with his bucket, closed the door part way, and told him to knock. When he did I opened the door and told him to say ” trick or treat” (which I taught him to say during lunch by bribing him with candy). When he saw the candy he said trick or treat right away and I put it in his bucket. He caught on really fast and did pretty well when we went around the neighborhood. Sometimes it was hard to get him to say it because our neighbors didn't expect him to really be able to so they would bring out the candy right away and start giving him some. He was so distracted by getting the candy in his bucket that he wouldn't stop to take the time to say trick or treat for a while. He did say it at couple of houses though. Dax mostly slept in my arms lookin' cute.

In the picture of Luke with Dax, Luke is in the middle of saying cheese. It was incredibly difficult to get him to sit there long enough to take a picture, and I couldn't retake it because Dax gagged on his own spit and threw up all over himself right after I took that picture.

It was an adventurous day. Luke even painted a little pumpkin and I carved one. I even tried making carmel apples Sunday for the first time in my life... As far as I can remember anyway. They were/ still are delicious!

So there you have it. A simple Sargent halloween.


Katy said…
Your boys are super cute Bre!