Some things I'm grateful for

Yesterday was the kind of day where annoying things happened but I was staying up beat until about 5 when I was trying to get luke dinner, Dax wouldn't stop crying, luke was whining, tyler was still at work when he usually gets home at 4 ish, and Bo was hungry and I was hungry and it just seemed like the whole world was exploding. I was just losing it and wanted to press pause on everything and catch my breath. I didn't know what to do for Dax because he didn't want to eat and I had tried a bunch of stuff and he would just cry. tyler didn't get home until 8 and I finally got Dax to bed at like 9:30. so then tyler showed me some funny videos on youtube and tried to cheer me up and help me relax. I'm feeling better this morning but I thought it would be good to share some things I'm grateful for... You know, bullet point style.
-Dax sleeps well at night most nights
- Luke goes to bed and right to sleep without a fight almost every night. He doesn't even want to be rocked anymore, we sit down with him on the rocking chair have family prayer and then he says ”bed” so we lay him down and that's that.
- Dax already smiles at me sometimes when I'm talking to him and he looks me in the eyes
-Dax has always responded to my voice... Much more than Luke did at the same age.
- Luke likes to give me hugs and always does when I tell him I love him
-Luke says and does the funniest things right now
- Luke is starting to be more obedient
- I have two mostly happy, healthy, seldom sick boys who haven't had anything that major cause us stress
- Bo is careful and playful with Luke and they entertain each other for some of each day
- Bo doesn't bite (other than his playful nip which he has gotten much better at controlling) or growl at us
- my cabinets turned out great
- we sold our portable dishwasher really fast on KSL so now we can get a built in one for the empty spot.
- we own our house and can do whatever we want to it
- I have had more harp gigs this year than I've ever had in a year and it has really helped us out financially
- I have 2 dedicated, honest, responsible, respectful, and friendly harp students who don't mind paying me for lessons and value me enough not to ask for discounts
- I may have another student starting soon
- tyler is in a good job being paid the same as he was at the previous job but he isn't driving 45 minutes each way to and from work.
- His new boss values him enough as an employee to give him a bonus already.
- I am making therapeutic heat/cold bags that I'm selling at my parents' chiropractic office and online in (though I haven't listed them yet because my laptop its broken)
- luke is learning his manners really well. He is always saying please and thank you. He even thanks me for hugs!
- my parents were willing to drive all the way up here during their lunch break to give care to me and my boys when we had the flu.
-we have always been able to find a way to meet our financial obligations and pay tithing
-my visiting teaching companion called to see about going to teach our sisters and brought us dinner instead when she found out I was sick.
- I am healthy and in pretty good shape (for having had 2 babies so close together) and I'm rarely sick
- My mom set a great example for me of how to be a good wife and mom and I'm striving to be good enough to set an example to my sons so they can want a hard working, healthy, happy wife to be the mom for their kids.
- I know how to take a nap if I need to (unlike tyler who will lay there and try and never fall asleep)
- I have loads of love and support from family and friends (thanks, it means so much to me!)
- I get among with my mother in law most of the time and she gives us our space and doesn't expect too much.
- I have a testimony that prayers are answered and sometimes it is immediate even though other times it is not and if we aren't paying attention watching for the answers even when it its sooner or later than expected then we might not notice that something is an answer to our prayers
- I have a testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ and I have felt it heal me and bring joy back into my life during dark and difficult times and have felt overwhelming love and comfort when I felt most alone and unworthy.
- I married a man who was nothing like what I had imagined for myself because I love him and felt like it was right and he has helped me grow in so many ways
- Tyler has always been forgiving and understanding of my weaknesses and shortcomings
- Tyler loves me and wants the best for me and is always trying to do what he can to make me and our boys comfortable and happy.

So there you have it... It its a little early since thanksgiving is still a month away but I guess I can always write one around thanksgiving titled ” Some things I'm thankful for”. :-)  have a good day and take a picture instead of yelling:


For some unknown reason, bullet-style 'grateful for' lists always seems to help make rainy days better :) I'm so happy that the men in clean white coats haven't taken you away, because then I would be etc-less. And that's, like, a federal crime, I'm pretty sure. And besides, they don't give out pedicures at the mental institution. So hang in there, my dear! Always remember that I love you and I'm here for you to vent to if you need! (p.s. did you ever get the issue worked on with your phone? Can we text each other successfully yet?)
Katy said…
I love thankful lists! They seem to help put things in perspective on hard days. You're doing a great job Bre! Thanks for sharing your hard days too, it helps me feel more normal to know I'm not the only one.
Dawn said…
I am glad you made it through one of those days! What a great idea to list of things you are grateful for. Keep up the good work your doing just fine!