Luke is growing up so fast and it is really just weirding me out with Dax here. I look at Dax and I can't remember Luke being so small! I feel like Luke is going through one of his development leaps right now. He seems to be understanding a lot more and he looks a older in his face and he is trying to say a lot of things and I can kinda hear what he's trying to say in the gibberish that comes out. These pictures were taken yesterday and today. I think you can see his face looks more mature.

Well we went to the park on Sunday and it was fun to watch Luke play. I don't have to stay as close now. I don't have to hold onto him while he gets situated at the top of the slide. I can just stay near by to make sure he doesn't try to jump off one of the parts that is meant for older kids. Here is a video of him going down the slide. He always starts going down and flips right over to his belly to go down. This time he tried going down sitting up for the first time. I was shocked. He's seriously turning into a kid instead of "Baby Luke".

Also, Luke is such a sweet big brother. He see, hears, or suddenly things about Dax and he says, "Daaaaaax. Daaaaaaaax." as he walks over to him and he gives him a hug and if the binkie has fallen out of Dax's mouth he tries to get it back in. He also puts his arms out and asks to hold him so I hold Dax in Luke's arms and Luke says, "Thanks" and then he's done. It took a lot of work to get a picture of Luke holding Dax. This was after he was done already but I asked nicely for him to keep holding Dax... they're still cute. :)

I have more pictures to post but it's time for bed so they'll have to go in another post.


Dude. You have 2 kids. Have you noticed? That's just plain craziness! I love it :) And P.S. I'm glad Luke didn't have to pummel the little girl at the bottom of the slide, and I'm very glad you happened to catch his 'first time' on the slide on video-- so fun! He is SUCH a cute little boy (definitely not a baby anymore, dang it!), and Dax is absolutely darling! He's growing up fast, too, though. Make them stop!
Cantrip said…
You have a cute little boy, cuz. :)