Communication Block

It's interesting the random internet connections that suddenly appear at my house for a couple days and then disappear forever... or get locked. Right now I'm sitting in my backyard while Luke and Bo play and I'm using some new random connection that just appeared and isn't strong enough to really use unless I'm outside. It makes me look around and wonder who I'm bumming off of. Thanks who ever you are. You don't know I'm bumming internet off of you, but at least I have too many other things to do to really clog things up for you.

I'm getting so close to done with my cabinets but some days I just really don't have the motivation. Today I started painting the last cabinet door. I usually paint a couple at a time so they aren't taking over my kitchen too much. As soon as this one is done I'll move my pots and pans and things back into the the bottom cabinets and start painting the drawers... there are 5 of them. 5 drawers in my painting process means 5 drawer boxes, and their 5 faces which were taken off so I could really paint them all. At least the boxes I can just paint with a roller, but they have to be primed first because they are so smooth.

Tyler's new job is going well. He seems to like it for the most part but as with anything you do everyday, there are parts he doesn't like. He has been working there for 3 weeks now and I can't believe it has already been that long. This will be his 4th full week working there and the only thing I haven't liked is that because of how long it took for his boss to get his W4 form to him, he wasn't paid at the last pay day and so he will have 4 weeks of time cards filled out before he gets paid. Thank goodness we still had some money left in our savings from our tax return and that I have been able to earn some money on my harp.

The biggest adjustment for me to make with Tyler's new job has been (like I thought it would be) not knowing when he will be done for the day. Tyler said last night that he thinks he'll have to work late today... but I still don't really know how late that means. I don't really ever know when to start dinner, and then when I decide I'll start dinner so it's ready at 5:00 then Tyler gets home at 4:00 and he's starving or we have to go somewhere for some reason and so I can't hurry and make dinner. I know with time I'll figure out a new routine, but it hasn't set in yet, so I look forward to that day.

Luke is growing like a weed. Seriously, he can reach anything he really wants to because he has figured out how to climb. He was playing in his room the night before last and I went in to check on him and found him sitting on top of the changing table! He hasn't ever done that before. I knew he was being too quiet to mean anything good. Every time I turn around he's climbing something. Things I never would have imagined as climbable or interesting enough to make him wonder what was at the top of it... he's climbing it anyway.

The other thing with Luke that I'm struggling with, and I know Tyler and is too is the communication block we're all experiencing. Luke is trying so hard to talk and he gets really frustrated when we won't give him what he wants. He understands so much, and yet he is starting to get into tantrums and so it doesn't matter what we say to him, he just screams and throws a fit. I have really been trying the whole "don't say 'no'" thing, just tell him what he can do instead, but he just gets frustrated because he's not getting the thing he wants. Maybe I already used "no" too much, or maybe it's normal, but he completely ignores what I say to him all the time. He has a few bonks on the head to prove it. Luke's sign language does help and I'm so glad he's picked that up so well, but it doesn't cover everything and he doesn't use it every time.

It doesn't help that he's cutting teeth too. He hasn't really stopped cutting teeth for the past 4 months and so he's really whiney and really emotional. Ya know what? So am I. I try not to whine out loud, but I whine a lot in my head. Don't get me wrong, I have so many things I'm grateful for and I know we are being blessed tremendously right now. I'm not whining in my head all the time, but I just get really tired and really exhausted and then Luke spills a bottle of bubbles all over the kitchen floor. Good thing there wasn't any carpet near by. That would have been a bigger pain to clean up. I needed to mop anyway right?

This pregnancy is getting so close to done it is crazy. I'm less than 6 weeks away from my due date and 2 weeks away from full term. One of my sisters in law just had her baby about a month ago at 36 weeks. I don't want to do that, but it is just crazy to think that at this point for her she was only 2 weeks away from the arrival of their new little girl. My good friend who is in Rexburg just had her baby a week ago tomorrow and the pictures I've seen of him look so cute! So many people I've know who were pregnant at the same time as me have had their babies in the last month or so and I feel like I'm probably the next one that I can think of.

I'm really ready to have baby #2 out, but I'm a little afraid of how well I'll cope with a newborn and Luke, seeing as I feel really crazy with just Luke some days. Some days are better than others of course, but today is one of those days where he doesn't want anything, but still he points and whines and tries to get me to understand what he wants and I can't figure it out and so then he's just mad and I'm just frustrated and all I can do is sit down and blog so I can clear my head a little. I just hope that this new baby is a sleeper at first so we can ease our way into life.

So that's kinda how things are. I really didn't intend to whine a lot in this post and I hope that's not how it comes off. Sometimes that's how the day feels though.


I know how you feel, dude. I don't have a kid, of course, but some days are just too much to handle graciously and you have to let off some steam. :)
Shay said…
Don't feel like you are alone in this communication block. We have been dealing with the same thing at our house. Some days are harder than others that is for sure!
The Hones said…
Having a new baby is always a big adjustment but eventually it all becomes "normal" and it's hard to even remember what it was like to only have one! You will do great and all of you will adjust quickly to it!