Some quick uploads

So I'm sitting at Zion's Bank in the parking lot where they have free wi-fi and I thought I'd upload some cute things really quick while I have the internet. Our neighbor's internet seems to have disappeared for good.

This is a video of Luke playing Tug Rope with Bo. Bo is almost as big as Luke now, this was taken only a week or so after we got Bo. I often hear Luke walking by the sliding side door laughing because he's pulling that rope and Bo is following him trying to get it. It's quite entertaining.

This is a video of Luke playing in his little swimming pool. He loves it! His favorite part is playing with the hose and he gets really upset when it's time to go inside. Tyler and I sat in the pool with him and played after we bought it and filled it up and Luke had the hose and kept putting it on Tyler's head. It was really funny!

Things are good here. I'm trying to finish my cabinets before baby #2 comes, and I'm 32 weeks along. We're really excited to meet this kid even if he doesn't have a name when he gets here. :) If I get really ambitious I really will take a belly pic some time soon but I haven't thought about it lately.


Well, maybe you should think about it, lady! Of course, I already know what your belly looks like... but still. ;)