What's in the middle?

Is it weird that Luke doesn't really like bread? I think it is. His Sargent cousins would eat bread for every meal and nothing else if they were allowed. Luke, on the other hand, picks the sandwich fillings out off his bread and leaves the bread. No joke.

I gave him tuna on a crescent thinking he'd like that better and he ate the tuna and left the roll. I gave him PB & J today and he at the jelly and maybe a little bit of peanut butter and left the bread. He does this every time. He has tried with a grilled cheese sandwich but can't get the bread apart so he hardly eats any of it.

Who did he get this quirky behavior from?? I love bread, Tyler likes bread, his family like bread, my family likes bread.... but Luke could do without it.

P.S. it's really gross to see him eat tuna without the bread. Maybe it's just because of the mayo mixed in it... the thought of eating that without the bread just makes me want to barf. Luke sits there and eats it and says "mmmmmmm" the whole time though. what a weird little guy!


Brooke said…
My sister-in-law says her 15 month old doesn't like bread either. Maybe it's just a consistency thing. I love bread, but can't eat an arbys sandwich unless I take the bread off because I don't like the feel of the bun. Weird, I know.
The Hones said…
Both of my kids have gone through stages where they didn't like one certain type of food no matter what, they both out grew it. I think it's just part of the age.
Katy said…
Glad to hear my kid's not the only one choosing not to eat things I think every kid should like. He won't touch pizza or ice cream most days.
Amanda Bj. said…
Josh did the same thing. He would pick apart his sandwiches and leave the bread behind. I just kept giving it to him. I also cut his sandwich in half and the halves into strips, it made it easier for him to eat. Just something we did.
Thanks for the advice everyone. Amanda I just tried cutting Luke's PB&J into strips and he's eating it like there's no tomorrow. how about that!