30 Weeks, and Baby Names

Well I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy already. I feel like it has gone by so quickly! I'm 30 weeks along and that means I'm technically only 6 weeks from the point of having this baby whenever he feels like coming. I guess if he felt like coming before then we would... but he won't because he knows he's not allowed to. I know some of you would like to see a baby bump picture... but I don't have one at the moment. I will take one soon and stick it up here though.

We haven't chosen a name yet, and will wait until we see him to give him his name, but this has been a lot harder than with Luke. For a long time we thought we were going to name Luke Phillip Andrew. Tyler's grandpa Phil died while we were dating and Andrew is Tyler's middle name so we thought it would be a really meaningful name. After considering the name for months, we suddenly decided it wasn't right and by then we were getting down to crunch time and had to come up with some new options. As we sat in Sacrament meeting ... we listened and never got distracted... :) Ok ok both of us are fairly easily distracted so we would end up thinking of names a lot and writing them on little pieces of paper and showing them to each other for a nod or a shake of the head. We both almost always shook our heads at each other's name suggestions. I decided to look through the names of the composers of the songs in the hymn book for ideas. That is where I found the name Lucas. I liked the name and "Luke" for short and thought it had some family significance on my side, but I couldn't remember. It does, but I still forget how it is significant all the time. However, it does have some family meaning.

Well I've tried looking through the hymn book again and the only name we liked was William... but that is too common. We liked the name Mark, but it's also very common and Tyler has known a lot of Marks. We liked the name Wyatt but we want to use "Tyler" for the middle name and Wyatt Tyler is 3 t's in a row and then the t at the end of Sargent just really pushes is over the edge so for lack of flow-ability... that name was vetoed.

I never thought when I was single that it would be hard to name a baby. I guess I didn't take into account that my husband would care just as much as me what the name was and wouldn't always like my suggestions.

I know we'll choose just the right name for this little guy, but it keeps me feeling anxious. Lucas is the perfect name for Luke because it means bringer or light. Anyone who has been around Luke can see that he is full of life and light radiates from him. He smiles and he fills you with light. He laughs or even just chatters and it will bring a smile or a laugh. I don't think we found the name by accident and I know whatever name we find for this baby will be fitting as well.


Kels said…
Ah! Good luck with the baby name process. We are definitely still in it! Haha we keep changing our minds like every other day... hopefully we can decide on one soon though- cause he is coming soon! :-)
Bethany said…
My vote is William. And if you think it is too common, you could go for Liam. Or you could go crazy with star-wars infusion and name him Han or Lando :).

But don't worry, whatever you choose will be just perfect for him!
Dude. I know exactly what you mean about never thinking it would be this hard to name a kid. And I also assumed my husband would just roll over and let me choose whatever name I'd like. Such is not the case! :)