Life These Days

Well hello everyone! Sometimes my computer finds an unlocked internet called "Netgear" but then other times it is just not there... I'm not sure why but I'll take it when I can get it.

Life is pretty great right now. Of course it has still been stressful and there have been adjustments to our new life but overall I am loving it. We still don't have internet of our own other than the 200MB I get on my phone each month. You'd be surprised how fast that goes by if you get looking at something online. Oops...

Well here are a few updates. We are living in our very own house and we had our final inspection for the required repairs we had to make for our FHA loan. The appraiser who came to see that we'd finished was only here for a few minutes and barely looked at anything. He just shot a few pictures and said "It looks good, you guys have done really well." That came as a bit of a shock. Not that I didn't think we'd done well but Tyler and I were both imagining a very intense inspection because the bank was holding money in escrow to reimburse us with if we pass the inspection. Instead he didn't even know what he was supposed to be looking at. It's all good though and it all worked out. That is a lot of stress off our backs.

Another piece of news is that we have yet another addition to our family to announce (other than the baby boy who will be joining us here in early September). We got a puppy! Are we crazy?? Maybe. Tyler and I have wanted to have a puppy since before we even got engaged and ever since we got married we've really wanted one but couldn't have one due to rental agreements. Now that we have our own place though we can do whatever we want even if it might be crazy with a 14 month old and a new born on the way. Although having a one year old and a puppy keeps us busy, Luke seems a lot happier. He has always seemed to want someone to play with other than us adults. That is part of the reason we're having another baby so fast, but we decided we wanted the puppy to grow up with the kids so we went out to a farm in the middle of no where in Morgan and got a Blue Heeler and named him Bo. Luke is always going up to Bo saying "Baaaaaaa" and then he either pets him or lays his head on him. He sometimes takes toys up to him and shoves them in Bo's mouth to try to get him to play. It's entertaining and they keep each other pretty busy most of the time. Sometimes Bo gets too excited and tries to play with Luke like he would another puppy, but he's quickly learning he gets in trouble if he jumps up on Luke or nips playfully at him. He hasn't really tried to bite Luke, but we want to make sure that doesn't happen. I was eating lunch and heard Luke laughing outside and so I got up to see why he was laughing and I found Luke playing tug-a-war with Bo. I'll post the video I took once I get it off my camera so stay tuned.

We finally had Luke's first birthday party. I felt bad waiting so long but we really wanted to have his party at our own house and since we would be moving in soon after his birthday we decided to have his party late. We had it at our house at the end of April so about a month and a half late! Luke didn't know and he was just as confused as he would have been on his actual birthday. I made cupcakes that I thought turned out really yummy and we put a candle in each of them for each of the kids could help Luke blow out a candle. Luke tried to blow it out but wasn't able to so I helped him. It was a lot of fun. I asked my sister-in-law Stacey to take pictures of the party and here are a few of my favorites. Thanks again Stacey, you did an awesome job, as always. :)

The only other thing I can think of is that I got my hair cut. I decided to try and do it in loose ringlets but my hair is kinda an all or nothing type so they weren't loose at all. I felt reminiscent of Shirley Temple... only 27 weeks pregnant. Here's a picture of her and then of me.