Home Sweet Home

We moved in to our new home yesterday!! We're still working on plumbing to the laundry room and kitchen but we have a fully functional bathroom and hot water in the kitchen so that is enough to live off of. When I say we "moved in", you should know that by that I mean we moved our bed and Luke's room in so we can live there. We haven't moved all our things in yet especially because the kitchen is a disaster area right now. I don't care about the mess or the unfinished projects though. We're in our new home and while Tyler is at work I can work on my cabinets. I'm very excited to be able to work on things during the day. We only have one car so I've been stuck at my mother in law's house all day while Tyler was at work. It feels really good to be in our own house!

We went to our Ward again today. The Sunday before General Conference was the first time we attended our new ward and they got our records and welcomed us into the ward today. It's funny because I've had my records transferred from ward to ward so many time since I went to college and none of the wards have ever said "we've received the records of..." and welcomed me in with a raise of hands like they usually do and to be honest I felt a little offended because they did it for everyone else. Well now I know why they didn't before. The Bishop was conducting today and as he read our names he called me breanna. Pretty sure there's an "e" at the end of my name and I've never met a breanna who spelled her name with an "e" at the end. I know it is an easy enough mistake to make but I don't see my name as being uncommon and I have never understood the general mistake to read my name as breanna instead of BreAnne. Oh well though. I'll just likely be correcting each member who assumes my name is breanna because of that introduction. Even when friends or family introduce me correctly people still think my name is breanna so I just have to smile and kindly let them know it's BreAnne. Maybe it's anal of me but anyone who so frequently has their name mixed up with one similar to theirs will probably agree that you have to set it right otherwise you have no chance of them calling you the correct name and they may then introduce you incorrectly thus creating a whole new group of people who all think your name is the other way. There are certainly individuals who I've corrected a few times and then given up on as they've struggled to ever get it right. One time as Tyler and I had dinner with his friend and his wife for the first time I didn't correct his wife when she called me breanna a few times. After a few times Tyler's friends corrected his wife and I was very pleasantly surprised that he knew it wasn't my name and was kind enough to correct her.

I didn't really intend for this blog to be about the inability of some to get name right... it's just what came out of my brain. Well I'm done fighting with my phone. I hope this blog from my phone's new app works. Sorry if i missed any typos.
P.s. we don't the internet so I probably won't be blogging very often. I'll try to post when we find out what the knew baby Sargent is though!