Pretending it's spring

Once upon a time . . . it was winter. Winter was lasting FOREVER! Then all of a sudden Mother Nature was like, "Here, have a taste of what spring is going to feel like. Get excited! BAZINGA! Here's some more snow because really it's just still winter!' (bonus points to who ever can name what show "bazinga" comes from).

Anyway, living with my in-laws isn't too bad, but there are definitely hard days. The thing that probably makes it hardest is that we sold our old(er) Subaru to Tyler's co-worker and now we only have one car . . . which Tyler takes to work. So Luke and I are stuck at home all day. It wouldn't be so bad but we've been stuck inside too because of the snow and the cold. Usually that's when I start to go really crazy, when it has been snowing all week and we haven't really had anything to do to take us out of the house when Tyler gets home from work. I think Luke goes stir crazy too. He seems to get bored like me if we don't get out of the house a couple times a week.

Well as it has tried to warm up again I've really been itching to take Luke for a walk. I was going to on Wednesday because it was a beautiful day, but I tried to get too much done and then I had harp lessons to teach so it didn't happen. Then yesterday I tried to hurry out while it was nice but by the time we got outside it was cloudy and before we made it back around the block it was sprinkling on us.

SO! Today, I saw how beautiful the blue sky was while we were eating breakfast and I got really excited! We hurried and finished our breakfast, bundled up because I figured it might still be a bit chilly since it was only 9:30, and we ventured out to go for a nice walk. It was a VERY nice walk! I loved it! I think Luke enjoyed it too . . . He just didn't like it when we were facing the east or southeast and the sun was really bright in his face. Here's our walk in pictures:

I though Luke might like to bring along his puppy

ready to go!

"Can I hold the camera??"

"It's too bright!!!"
I just wanted a picture of him in front of the horses... He wouldn't put his hands down while the stroller was facing this direction.

"Now can I hold the camera??"

Cheese! :)

The End . . . time for a nap!


Um, cute, cute, cute. The end. I would take my child for a walk, but she doesn't take well to a leash. In fact, she tries to chew through it and make a wild dash for freedom. So we settle for tug rope in the backyard, instead. Unless we're feeling really crazy, of course, and then I let her lose on the stash of pine cones reserved for fire-pit fuel. :)
Bethany Louise said…
He is the cutest!