Picnic in the Park

So this is a little late, but I'm in the blogging mode, so I'll post it today too. Last friday when the sun came out and made it nice and warm I decided I was going to take advantage of it and take Luke on a walk again. This time I thought it might be fun to go to a park. I asked Tyler's dad if there was a park within walking distance and he suggested Ponds Park. It was a bit of a walk, but it was a lot of fun. This is the second park Luke had been to, but the first time he was so young he was just learning to sit up alone.

Luke grew out of the size 3 shoes we had for him and so I had to carry him around to everything so he wouldn't get slivers in his feet from the wood chips covering the playground. Tyler's mom had a little swing set in her backyard with a slide on it so Luke has been down that slide, but this was fun because I took him down the big slides on my lap. He LOVED it! I tried to let him go down the little slide alone, but I ended up having to catch him a little after the halfway down because he tips over backwards and would've hit his head. I tried to get a video of him... but it didn't turned out very well. Instead of the one from the park, here's one I took later that day when Tyler got home and was able to help me.

Here are some pictures of us at the park. I took a baggie of cold cereal and a sippy cup of water for us to have a little picnic.

This Was my view as we walked to the park. Luke kept looking up at me. It was really bright!

Well. . . I look really silly here, but I love the funny look on Luke's face! Also, do you know how difficult it is for my brain to type look and Luke in the correct order and spell them both right when I type them right in a row. I hear the sentence in my head as I type and they are too similar I start to type Luke instead of look.

You have no idea how lucky I was to get this picture. He would not sit still and I had to keep running back to make sure he didn't bail off the front of the slide!

On the walk home I stopped to take a short break and we ate some more cereal. Luke was tired and easy to get laughing so I pulled out my camera before he stopped:

On Saturday, Tyler and I took Luke to a closer park with his Sargent cousins. Tyler's brother, Tim, is back in school and working full time so we offered to take his 3 girls to the park with us so he could study and do homework. Tim came with us and sat off to the side reading a textbook but I don't know if he got anything done. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate!
Here are some pictures from Saturday after we got Luke some shoes to wear to the park:

He didn't seem to like the swing as much as I thought he would.

He was a little short for these toys, but he was very determined!

He loved hitting these stools like a drum.

We let him go down the slides alone on his belly, one of us getting him set up at the top, the other catching him at the bottom. He laughed and squealed and loved it. He's a lot of fun to play with at the park!


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Dawn said…
What a fun day! Good thing he has a birthday coming up! I went with Grandma shopping and well that's all I am saying! :)
Bethany Louise said…
So fun and cute! :)
Shay said…
I love that it is getting warm enough to go outside and play at the park! Cute Luke. I love the picture of him eating his cereal.
Anonymous said…
He's getting so big! He'll be climbing all over that stuff before you know it!