So I have this problem . . . I think of things I want to blog about that are about me, or Tyler . . . or our family rather than just about Luke and his fun progress, but when I sit down to blog about them, I can't remember them anymore. Maybe that means they weren't worth blogging about. Maybe it just means I'm forgetful. Perhaps it will come back to me, but until then, I guess I'll just give one update that is hard to forget about.

That update is one that I haven't blogged about yet, and it is the fact that Tyler and I are trying to purchase a house. That is the reason we moved back in with his parents in the first place because we didn't want to be in a rental contract when we didn't know how quickly or, in our case, slowly it would actually happen. We've been living here since July and we put a bid on a HUD home in December. Our bid was accepted and we've been jumping through hoops to try to meet deadlines and get everything done that they require ever since. The good news is . . . I think we're getting close to closing. I don't think that really means anything though because every time I've felt like we were getting close . . . something else would come up and someone would want money or documents or something. I can't wait until this part is over.

The house we're trying to buy is small and needs a lot of work. The point wasn't to buy something really nice . . . the point was to buy something priced really low so our mortgage would be a lower payment than paying rent. We both see projects we want to do everywhere we live and it is frustrating to us to be renting and not able to do the things we want to do. We get so bored! So . . . now we'll probably have more projects than we could really want, but I truly believe it will be good for us. The house is a cute little 2 bdrm, 1 bath ranch style house. It has a good sized backyard (which I will be planting a garden in the corner of) detached garage, a nice shed and a dog run. I can't wait to have a dog in the dog run. I know I'm talking about this house as though it's already ours . . . but we've done so much and we're so close but I can't help but feel possessive of it. It is completely possible that we could close next week some time.

Something that is nice about this whole thing is that we should be given a repair escrow for some of the bigger things that need fixing which means HUD will put money in an escrow account so when we fix the things that are "required" they will reimburse us for how much it cost to fix them. Part of that is for new kitchen cabinets! That would be awesome!

The house is in Syracuse, which is just next door to Layton for anyone who hasn't heard of Syracuse. It is a nice area and the city is developing and growing so we hope to be able to make money on the house after we do the repairs, or at least be able to rent it out and keep it occupied.

Well that is pretty much what everything seems to be waiting for. Luke will be 1 year old on the 14th which is basically 10 days away. I was really hoping we would be in this house before his birthday so I could have a party for him in our own house. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. He's such a cute kid though. I'm so thankful that I can be home with him playing with him and watching him learn and grow.

So . . . Until I can remember the other things I wanted to blog about, this is what I've got. :) Hope ya'll liked it.


Lyndsie said…
Thats SO exciting! I love Syracuse! You will have to post pics after you close. Hope it's soon for your sake, I bet you are going crazy waiting!