So... it's been a while.

It has been a long time since the last time I posted... especially since my last post was just a giveaway. Well I lost my camera for a long time so that was the main reason I didn't post until now. However, I found it!! So, I have a couple of things to share.

Luke walks! He is getting to be a pro. He has been trying for a long time and was walking along the furniture for a really long time without trouble, but he finally started venturing away from the furniture around 11 months... maybe a little before. Either way, after about a week of taking 3-5 steps and then falling, he suddenly could walk across a room and stop to get his balance if he started to wobble. Then he got the flu and was too sick to do anything but cuddle with me and sleep so he lost a lot of the progress he had made. The last week and a half since he got better he has been catching back up and has been doing very well! It's too bad he got sick because he was even getting up from sitting in the middle of the floor without help and walking. Now he doesn't really try to get up without pulling up to furniture or a wall. Hopefully he'll start doing that again soon. Here's a short clip of him walking. It is hard to catch it because he still isn't very consistent.

It is also fun to see Luke start to comprehend more of what we say to him and respond in an appropriate way. I taught Luke to sign "more" at meal times and he uses it ALOT now. He uses it the way I taught him too when he runs out of something he will use it to ask for more but he also uses it when he's hungry and wants to let us know. He also uses the sign when someone is eating something around him and he is trying to ask for some. He's kinda turning into a mooch and I don't know how to stop that if it's possible because I don't usually share my food with him. Usually he has his food and I have mine. I don't know. But here's a video of him asking for more at meal time like I intended him to use it. Sorry for sideways videos... I don't know how to rotate them.

The last video was taken during the first time Luke fed himself spaghetti. I made it with large elbow noodles so he could grab them. It was a hilarious experience and I had to take him straight up to the bath tub when he was done because he was so covered in spaghetti sauce. Here are some other funny pictures and videos from that meal. They still crack me up!

A cute thing Luke and I have been doing is the "Where's your belly?!" game. This started out on the changing table and I would ask "Where's your belly?" and then slap my hands down to my belly and say "here it is!" and then put his hands on his belly. Now he does it himself when I ask or even if he hears the word belly. Today I was laughing so hard because I told him he's a "Silly Billy" and he smiled and slapped his belly. Billy... Belly... you've got to admit, that's really close for a little guy. He's so smart!

I don't have a video of it but we've been trying to teach Luke animal sounds. The only one he really tries to say is when we ask "What does the Lion say?" and then we say "ROAR!". Luke will say "RAW". He also waves hello and goodbye. He doesn't seem to be too interested in saying either one yet, but he'll wave. He points at things and people all the time. When he starts getting into things he shouldn't and I tell him no he looks at me and then after I tell him no again he shakes his head like he's imitating me, and then walks away from it. Most of the time he ignores me when he knows he's getting into something he shouldn't be. He love to chatter away in his own little language and looks at me like I should know exactly what he's saying. I guess that is because we talk to him as if he knows what we're saying too.

Things I've been trying to get Luke to do that he hasn't chosen to pick up yet are signing "eat"/"food" instead of "more" when he's hungry, and signing "milk" instead of "more" in the mornings. He'll be sitting there eating his Kix and then sign "more" when he clearly has plenty of Kix in front of him. I figured out he's asking for his milk. He stops asking for "more" after I get out a sippy cup of milk... yes, we've weaned to whole milk. Luke's teeth were too long to keep nursing (ouch!), and his pediatrician said Luke should be fine to wean to whole milk at 10 months so we jumped on it and Luke took to it very well.

So... That is basically an update on Luke. He encompasses my days so I feel like it is an update for me too but I guess it isn't. I'll work on that. :)


Lyndsie said…
What a cute boy! He is growing up so fast!
What a cutie-pie! And you're pretty cute, too ;) hahaha!