9 Months

So I decided to turn my computer's camera on in front of Luke while he was cruising and see if I could capture some of is cute personality that a lot of people don't see. When Luke is around people he doesn't see often or has never met he just watches them in awe. Once he's done watching people he'll talk and play and have fun but he seems to be very observant at first... just like his dad. :) So this is a long video because I don't feel like editing out the dead time but it has some cute stuff. Luke has finally started mumbling "mamama mom mamama"... not that he necessarily knows it is me. He's probably just experimenting with sounds but he has said "dadada dad dada dadada" for a really long time and sometimes he seems to know he's referring to us when he says them... but that may just be wishful thinking. So watch as much of it as you'd like, I just think he's fun. It took more than half the video to get him to finally say "mamama" rather than "dadada". Right now he's in his jumper and he's going back and forth between the two a lot.

The first minuite-ish is cute and then it is mostly just him walking around until about 3:25 shortly after that he says "mamama" and then he found a remote and I got him to laugh.

Some things besides cruise on the furniture and say "mamama" that Luke can do:
* pick up finger foods with his thumb and pointer finger and actually get them in his mouth
* use a sippy cup... although he still prefers to just shake it all over the place
*climb the stairs
*talk all the time
* crawl away in delight at the prospect of being chased
*get into anything
* clap... which he's actually been doing for quite a while I just don't remember mentioning it before
*take naps :) ok ok so he has always taken naps, but now I can soothe him for a short while then put him in his crib and he'll done one of the following: pop up and play for a while or pop up and cry for a little while and then lay down and take a nap all on his own or just fall right to sleep after I lay him down. It has taken a lot of time to get to this point and teething still messes it up a bit but it isn't as bad.
*sleep through the night. last month (or maybe is was in october... I don't remember for sure) started letting Luke cry himself back to sleep at night with out going in because we knew he could sleep through the night... he just liked having me come in. The first night was HORRIBLE we let him cry and cry and cry and he was just getting more and more upset and we were getting less and less patient with the cold turkey idea because you'd think he would have fallen asleep after like an hour or so. Nope. so finally i went in and nursed him so we could stay sane. The next night he only cried for 10 or 15 minutes. He still woke up for a few nights but the time he spent crying became less and less. He now sleeps through the night, or at least goes back to sleep without crying if he does wake up. It's awesome.
*I'm guessing there are at least a few I'm forgetting but that's ok. Watch at least some of the movie and see how cute he is when he isn't staring at random people trying to figure out who they are. :)


I'm so glad to hear that he's able to sleep through the night now... you guys certainly deserve a full night of sleep! hahaha! He is such a cutie :)
Shay said…
How fun! It was great to see you guys on Sunday.