Windshield Wipers

Last weekend we tried to go bowling with some friends. We beat them to the bowling ally and so we waited in the car for a few minutes because it was raining. Luke was done being in his car seat so we pulled him out and ended up having a blast. This still cracks me up. Sorry it's sideways, I don't know how to turn it... it's from my phone.

We should have gone in because when our friends caught up we went in and all the lanes were taken and there wasn't supposed to be an opening for 45 minutes or more. That was too much so we left to play board games instead and had a lot of fun. It was Halloween eve/Halloween in Mormon Standard time so Luke is wearing his Lion costume (without the head part because it was getting really warm).


HAHAAHAHAHA! I nearly peed my pants just now. Yes, yes, I did. He is such a cutie! I sure do wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often :( I'm grieving at this very moment because it feels like an eternity has passed since we've been able to party!!
Grandma Bushman said…
I am glad that you could "save it". It is priceless!!
Janeal said…
That is so freaking cute.