Rubber Ducky

So yesterday at church we were trying to keep Luke occupied during the sacrament and we gave him a little blue rubber ducky to play with while he was sitting on the floor between our feet. I looked down at him a moment later and he had the duck in his mouth, which is not surprising, but he was biting the tail and had let go with his hands. Then he was shaking his head and making a funny noise. When the duck fell out he laughed and did it again. I was cracking up! I grabbed another one of the ducks (a pink one, it was the closest one, don't judge) to see if he would do it again tonight for the camera. He didn't do it as well today but you'll get the point. Enjoy:

p.s. don't mind the tv in the background. bonus points if you can tell what show Tyler had stopped on for a second... he was channel surfing.

And here are a few other pictures of him playing with the duck:

And then the duck shot out of his mouth:
It's ok, try, try again:


I can't believe how much he looks like Tyler!! Oh my goodness! =P
Shay said…
I love it!