Dad Knows Best

So Luke isn't always easy to make laugh, I think he gets that from his dad (because I laugh at a lot that Tyler doesn't think is funny) but he does laugh a lot sometimes. Tyler is the best at getting him to laugh. Here's proof I walked in on the other night. It helps that he was up later than usual which always makes him a little loopy, but Tyler can get him laughing like this any time of day.
p.s. The bear Tyler is playing with to get Luke to laugh is named Berry the Bear (or is it Beary? I don't know, no one has every specified) and it was Tyler's favorite teddy bear when he was little.


Kels said…
oh my heck. That is SO cute!
Cute! Cute! Cute! It's a good thing Luke didn't pass out from the strain of laughing so hard =P hahahaha!