Baby pictures compared: Vote

Ok everyone says Luke looks like me, and I think he does have some of my features, but you can't tell me you can't see the resemblance to Tyler in these pictures. They are all Tyler except when it says "Below. . . Luke" Especially the first one and last one.
Above: Tyler, Below X 2:Luke

granted Luke has no hair and Tyler did... but still

Above: Tyler, Below: Luke
it is even the very same yellow high chair!

Above:Tyler, Below: Luke
Above: Tyler, Below: Luke

Ok so you might have to try and think of what Luke will look like in 16 years to see the last one... but still. :)

Sorry for the quality of Tyler's baby pictures, his basement flooded a while back and basically ruined a lot of his old photos. These are what we have after my dear sweet sister edited them and tried to clean them up for our wedding video that she did such an amazing job on. Thanks again Shay.

Now for some baby pictures of me.

Above: Me, Below: Luke
Above: Me, Below: Luke

Above: Me, Below: Luke This one is the most similar I think

Above: Me, Below: Luke
Alright, there you have it. Cast your vote. :)


Alicia Jones said…
he looks like a good mix of you too I think, that's how Aiden is, we can never tell who he looks like he looks like both of us. A lot of times it depends on his expression hahha
Bethany Louise said…
That is tricky. I can definitely see both of you in little Luke, but some of the first pictures blew me away a bit. He is definitely like his daddy! :)
Dawn said…
I love how you did your pictures of you, your son and your husband! So fun!
Jenny said…
The head shape and the hair color are Tyler's but the face is all you! Either way he is a cutie and we love him. Still haven't met him though. :( Hope to meet soon.
He TOTALLY looks like Tyler, but he has your eyes. But I scrolled down so the only picture visible was Tyler in his overalls (darling, btw) and asked Chuck who it was. He guessed Luke and didn't believe that it was Tyler until I showed him the actual pic of Luke. Good times :)
Anonymous said…
that's funny, I've always thought he had a lot of Tyler in him, but you can definitely some of you in him now too. I'd still say he looks more like Tyler though.
Anonymous said…
love the costume by the way, so cute!