Surprising Luke

Luke is fun to play hiding games with... like peek-a-boo only we don't always say "peek-a-boo" sometimes I say "oooooh... NO!" or "Whoa!" or "Boo"... or just about what ever I feel like.
Well today it was boo. Multiple times through out the day today I hid behind the door from the living room to the basement while he was playing on the floor in the living room then I'd poke my head around the door and say boo. Luke would jump and then laugh and wait for me to do it again. He was laughing so much, and it's not always easy to get him to laugh. Well he was playing in his jumper and I realized that a blanket on my bed was bunched up in a way that I could lay down next to it and he wouldn't be able to see me. This is what I recorded after I tired it and it worked. The best laughing happened before I turned on my recorder... sorry. Also sorry that I bounced the recorder every time I popped up saying Boo... there wasn't really anywhere else to put it.


What a cutie! It feels like forever and a day since I've seen you guys... What the heck?!?
Kels said…
I don't know which laugh is more contagious... yours or his!! haha miss you bre!