Cabbage... the leafy green vegetable

So last week I went to the store to get the groceries I would need for the week's dinners (that I planned ahead of time), and as I grabbed a head of cabbage, I decided to get a head of lettuce too. I didn't really have plans for the head of lettuce but I think I was thinking of making a salad. As it turns out, I did need to make a salad. Yesterday we celebrate Tyler's mom's birthday and we were assigned to bring garlic bread and a salad. I had to run to the store for garlic bread (because I didn't want to take the time to try and make some) but I figured I could use some tomatoes and a cucumber from the garden to make a yummy salad.

Right before dinner yesterday I pulled out the head of lettuce and a knife and cut out the core and started slicing it up. Tyler came over and told me it looked weird and gross. I told him I was just doing it how I'd seen it done at Fredrico's when I worked there. He took a bite and told me it didn't taste right... I thought it had looked and felt weird too but then I took a bite and it hit me... it wasn't the head of lettuce! It was the head of cabbage! Well shoot!

So I went back out to the fridge and grabbed the head of lettuce out of the drawer. When I pulled it out of the bag I looked at it and felt like an idiot. It was a head of cabbage too! I could have sworn I bought one head of lettuce and one head of cabbage! Well now we had a whole head of cabbage all cut up and no lettuce to replace it with. We cut up tomatoes, a cucumber, and added some shredded carrots. I told Tyler we should just not saying anything and watch people's faces as the took a bite. Tyler's mom could see that it cabbage without taking a bite though... so it didn't completely work. I said I thought I had a head of each but that they were both cabbage and she said "well I really like cabbage, and it's my birthday so it works. " Sweet! In that case I did it on purpose, right? A few minutes later Tyler's dad took some salad and put some ranch on it like normal. He took a bite and got a disgusted look on his face and said "so... isn't there any lettuce in this at all?" haha... I guess he missed that part of the story.

The moral of the story is, sometimes cabbage looks like lettuce... and sometimes people like cabbage anyway.


That sounds like something I would do...
Shay said…
Haha, that is funny. I love that you ate it anyway!