Lake Powell Pictures

When I wrote about going to Lake Powell with my parents in July I didn't have very many pictures because all the pictures were on my dad's camera. Well I have them now so here they are.

Boating worked best when Luke was asleep... he didn't always tolerate his life jacket very well.

This life jacket is actually my Mom and Dad's but it does about the same thing :) This was one of Luke's more patient moments

Before we could even go play on the water the first morning there, Tyler stepped off the boat right as the boat rocked. Rather than stepping on the dock, he started falling and landed his food on the cleat on the dock (the one you tie a boat up to). It wasn't too sharp but the way Tyler landed on it with all that force and such, it ripped a big chunk of skin off the heel of his foot. My dad super glued the flap of skin down and then duct taped it too so Tyler could play.

My dad stepped into a hole in the floor of the big boat (where the owner had pulled a panel door out of the floor to fix the toilet) and scraped his shin up really bad... I knew the hole was there because I was making a sandwich right next to it but didn't think to tell my dad there was a hole. That doesn't make it my fault though! Sheesh people.
We camped in our tent, everyone else camped on boats.

Tyler and I both tried to get Luke to play in the water. The first time Tyler did and put more of Luke in than there was warm surface water and he didn't think that was very fun. The second time (the next day) I tried just putting his feet in and he liked it. He splashed his feet.
We were getting ready to go out on the water after breakfast and Luke needed a nap. It was noisy or hot everywhere but right under the Captains spot.
Tyler tried and tried and finally figure out how to get up, here's the proof.

And here's the proof that he had good crashes too, which is important to keeping your audience entertained :)
My mom liked holding Luke and spending time with him. She would hold him so I could wakeboard... for the first time since Tyler and I started dating.
Well I still remember how to get up
And Jump!
I love my pony tail flying up in the back. :)

So there you have it. Pictures form Powell.


That looks so fun, Bre! It makes me wish we were there... but oh, wait. My hubby works all the time and, oh wait, I can't wake board... ;)