How Old Am I?

So... although I have many more things to blog about, this one does not require that I upload any pictures... and it isn't as long as I tend to let things get :)

Yesterday I went to Walmart, and when I got there I was sitting in my car finishing eating my lunch before going in. Well as I sat there I saw an old man walk toward us looking around with his key fob in his hand like he was pressing the lock button over and over trying to get the car to make a sound. So then he turned around and walked the other way looking around as he went. I laughed and thought the old man could sure use valet parking right about now.valet3.jpg
Shortly after he came walking back still pushing the button and looking around confused. Then he walked away and when he came back again there was a woman with him and they were both looking around. They walked passed my car and I didn't see them again because I went in the store. ( I hope he found his car...) So I went in thinking that was a pretty funny sight.
Well I did my shopping and walked out into the parking lot to where I thought I'd parked... or was it the next row over? uh... nope not this row I guess I parked on the next row over.... or the next row... I could have sworn it wasn't this far over... oh, there it is, another row over. SHEESH! I think I looked JUST LIKE that old man! I'm only turning 23, I'm really too young to be loosing my car in the parking lot and walking around disoriented like that old guy was. wow...


Dear BreAnne, it's too bad we weren't there together because I'm sure the TWO of us walking around looking lost would have made it that much more hilarious =P

I freakin' love you.
Shay said…
That is so funny! It cracks me up that it happened right after you watched that old man trying to find his car.