5 Month Photo Shoot

So Luke turned 5 months on the 14th, and it was my mom's birthday on the 15th. For my mom's birthday my sister Shay suggested that we update the pictures of the grandkids that my parents have. I haven't had any nice pictures taken of Luke since he was about 2 1/2 months old (just random funny pictures of course) so I asked Shay if she would take some pictures of Luke with her fancy camera at my mom's birthday dinner and just send them to me that night. I didn't want her to have to spend all the time editing them when I was going to ask her to do those kinds of pictures at 6 months. ANYWAY... so she took some AWESOME pictures and I just love them all. here are a bunch of pictures of Luke at 5 months old in my Grandma Bushman's backyard... which is surprisingly great for taking pictures.
I know there are some that look pretty much the same... but he makes such cutes faces I couldn't choose.

I love this pictures ^

look at his cute tongue sticking out!! haha ^

I wish you couldn't see my fingers
This one just cracks me up! ^

We also took some pictures of Luke with his cousin Cade (Shay's son). Cade is 6 weeks older than Luke but look how close they are in size. Luke is in the upper 50% of weight, 60%'s of head circ., and 86% in height.... he's grown a lot in the last few months!

I thought this was a great picture because it is exactly what what was going on the whole time! Luke was just watching Cade the whole time, trying to figure out what he was doing and stuff.

Ever since Luke and Cade had this little play time, Luke has been trying harder to eat his feet. Seriously the next morning he was copying Cade, and this morning I took a picture of him really going at it!

Well I don't think I've ever posted so many pictures in one blog... but I can't get over how many great pictures Shay took!


I LOVE these pictures! They just keep getting cuter and cuter every time I see them :) And... I love my husband who's doing the dishes right now so I can oogle at these adorable pictures without shame! hahahaha!
Lyndsie said…
What a cutie!!!! I never would have thought about taking pics at grandmas but they turned out awesome and I may have to steal the idea! :)
Shay said…
Very cute! I love the pictures of him eating his toes. That is awesome that he watch Cade and then figured out how to do it! We'll have to try some more, in the tree pictures and see if we can get some without your fingers.