Lake Powell

I'm really good at wanting to blog. I'm not so good at the actually doing part. Things happen almost every day that I think, "Hey, that might be fun to blog about." Do I do it? No. You can tell because I don't have a new blog post for everyday day since I moved in with the internet. Anyhow, this blog isn't really about my slacker blogging habits, it's a blog about us at Lake Powell.

My last post was only a couple days before Luke's first real trip. We went to Lake Powell with my parents. It was a lot of fun. Luke was so good most of the time, and considering we were there or traveling to/from for 5 days... I'd say he was great the whole time. We were there with my dad's chiropractor friend Lew, who has a big cuddy cabin house boat. That made taking care of Luke a whole bunch easier because we were able to keep him in the shade of the cabin out of the sun so he wouldn't get too hot or get burned. He wasn't able to take very good naps though because Lew's grandkids were mostly age 9 and younger so they were pretty noisey. Tyler and Luke and I slept in a tent on the beach while everyone else slept on the two boats. We like camping and this was Luke's first time. It was an adventure trying to figure out how to best care for Luke with out the comforts of home. Lew has a shower head that connects to the engine of his boat so you can turn on an engine (not the propeller, that's in neutral) and it pumps water up, warms it, and shoots it out through the shower head. So we were able to give Luke a warm... wash? I was kind of like a shower, but not a bath... so we'll call it a wash. :) We didn't get any pictures of the wash, but we did get a couple pictures of Luke in his life jacket. He was pretty tolerant of it until he was either hungry or tired and then he would scream until he was fed and rocked to sleep. This was right after a nap.

One morning, I took Luke to the edge of the water and tested it out. The water there was shallow enough that it was warm so I dipped Luke in feet first. When he didn't object to that, I lowered him in to his calves. He started kicking his feet seemed to really enjoy it so we stood there and waded in the water splashing up a storm. It was really cute and I had my parents take pictures but I still need to get them from their camera. Until then, these pictures are the only proof we have.


Alicia Jones said…
aiden has the same lifejacket! gotta love costco
I just about died laughing! Luke is SOOOO cute in his little life jacket! I luff it :)