Roll over, roll over...

Well, being a mom is a lot of fun. It is weird to think that Luke is already 6 weeks old and yet feel like it has been many months since we were with him at the hospital for so long. Time is a little distorted still.

Luke rolls over now. He struggled a lot the first time and we just let him be mad about it until he figured it out, but now he does it like it's yesterday's news. Here's a video of him... with my cheesy commentary. I like to think most moms are cheesy to make myself feel better.

Anyway, things are going really well. Luke slept for 6 hours in a row last night and I'm really hoping he's going to make a habit of it. He's such a sweet boy. Last night I was breastfeeding him and he was looking up at me while he was eating and then all of a sudden he stopped and just smiled. It was adorable! So I smiled back and he kept smiling and I asked what he was smiling about and he smiled bigger so I asked if there was something funny on my face and he sounded like he was trying to laugh but hasn't quite figured out how that's supposed to work yet. So then I started laughing, and he kept making a sound like he wanted to laugh and this went on until he realized he had been eating and wasn't getting anything in his tummy by laughing with me. I loved it though. He makes me smile all the time. He's still a pretty happy baby unless his tummy hurts or he's hungry or sleepy. There are lots of times when he's a happy fun boy. I just can't love him enough!


aww aiden used to do that too i miss that. If you've watched any of my videos I'm really dorky on them too hahha so don't feel bad i think all mom's act dorky sometimes. You should see me trying to get aiden to eat ha!!
Grandma Bushman said…
He is doing really well - I am happy for you. He will begin to sleep longer at night and that is a definate blessing - Love you all