Ultrasound Scans

About 9 weeks ago, Tyler and I got to watch an ultrasound of our baby. That was when we found out that he's a boy, and we were also in the process of moving. Because of how crazy things were, I never got to scan in my ultrasound print outs to share with you. Well, here they are. :) He's so cute!First of all, I enlarged them but then they didn't fit in the blog so if you want, you should be able to click on them and open them in another tab to get a better look. Secondly, I realize these pictures aren't very easy to tell what you're looking at unless you're just really good or you've looked at a few before, so I'll give you kinda a play by play. Above on the left we see his boy parts. If you look closely there is an arrow pointing to his unit. Above the arrown is what I can't only imagine to be his umbilical cord with his leg behind his unit stretched out to the left. The picture above on the right is a profile of his face, with his nose pointing left in the middle of the picture and his mouth just underneath.Alright these are both pictures of his legs. The nurse was trying to get a good look at his boy parts and whatever else she needed to know and he wasn't cooperating very well. On the left his bum is in the bottom right and his feet are up in the top left. I'm guessing the circle by his knees is his umbilical cord again, who knows. Then on the right you can tell a little better that his bum is on the right and his legs go out to the left. Tyler thinks he looks like he's sliding into first base, so he obviously takes after his father and he'll be a natural baseball player. :)
Now the Nurse was trying to get a good look at his face for us. He was being very camera shy. She said he had his face hidden in my back the whole time and she was doing some tricky stuff to try to get a look at it. On the left you can kinda tell that is his face, but it is pretty blurry. ON the right we've got kinda a profile of him in the fetal position haha. He has his hand up on his head with his arm covering his face. I think it's cute, even though he was being difficult.
And finally, this is another look at his boy parts. I don't really understand this picture... I think it is supposed to be looking up between his legs, but I don't really know. All I know is that right in the middle there is an arrow pointing to what is supposed to be his boy parts.

So there you have it. We're having a boy!! And... He's a lot bigger than that now. He kicks me in the ribs now. Only on the right side though. He seems to favor that side of my body, I feel lopsided. Happy New Year!


Laura-Clark said…
Hey I forgot you had a blog! I'm so excited for you two to be parents... It feels like yesterday you two lived here at Cambridge!
Rebecca said…
Is this one of those new 4d ultrasound scans, the picture look really clear, you can even see the toes :) I have a couple of normal scan photo but there all 2d we might go to private clinic to get a 4D one done and make a DVD.