A Change of Scene

I mentioned at the beginning of my last post that we moved in with Tyler's parents. Well... we found an apartment of our own again! It took us a little while to get out of our contract for our apartment in Logan, but after we did I started looking for a new place to live. Tyler's parents have been extremely hospitable and generous as we've stay with them, but I need to have a home to cook in and clean and decorate and organize and teach harp lessons in.

So, when I find my camera.... I will have to take pictures of our new apartment for everyone to see, but until then, this will suffice. We are currently moving in to a 2 bedroom apartment in Bountiful. It is more like a town home... and our landlady calls it a condo, so I guess I should call it a condo too. On the main floor we have the kitchen, half bath and living room. The kitchen is set up kinda weird so we're moving things around to see what will work best for us. The living room is a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I first looked at it from the outside, and it will be nice to have it be a living room instead of both a living room and dining room. From the main floor you can go upstairs to the two bedrooms and full bath, or you can head downstairs to the office/harp studio, and laundry/storage room. This place was built in the 50's but has been recently remodeled so it is really cute. It still needs some updating though (please please please can't she get a new refrigerator?? we'll see if we can convince her it is in her best interest haha).

Yesterday my mom drove up and helped me unpack my kitchen, and it is so cute. Then we went and bought a crib and changing table. they are really nice and I don't think they even used them vey much, so we got a great deal!

Also, we got a killer deal on a couch, chair, and ottoman for our living room. We were driving down to Lehi on Saturday for my cute neice Aleah's birthday party and we had an extra hour or so until we needed to be there so we (ok I ... and Tyler gave in) decided we should go look at Ikea for a couch and a crib. There wasn't anything there worth looking at so we tried to figure out the shortcuts, and left empty handed. On our way out to the car I suggested we drive accros the parking lot to the Sofa Mart. Tyler said no. I said, why not we're just right here, we might as well see what they have. I won. We pulled up and Tyler said, "ok have fun. I'll wait here. There's no way they have anything we can afford." I told him I wasn't going to go walk around a sofa store with out him so he gave up and came in with me. Turns out, they just so happened to have something scratch and dent that they really really didn't want to have on their showroom floor anymore. It was a return on warranty because the company that made the couch used a material like cardboard in between the armrest supports and it fell through. So when if you push inbetween the supports you can feel that there is just a gap. We sat there and thought about it because it said "final clearance $296" and it was a nice couch. Then the salesman came over and said, "you can have it for $200". Then he continued helping the other customers he had already been assisting. So we looked at eachother and talked about trying to get him to bring the price of the chair down to at least $200 also but is was also clearanced at $296. When the salesman got done with the other customers he came back and said, "actually you can have the couch and the chair for $200."
"Each????" I asked, happy that I wasn't going to have to try and talk him down to it.
"Total." He replied "well, plus tax of course".
This is the part where Tyler and I just sit there in shock. The couch and chair really weren't that damaged, especially since we just want something the is comfy, nice looking, and our own to put in our living room. Well aparantly they were so anxious to get rid of them because the company rebuilt the series to be much more durable and they had the newer ones on the floor too... but people concidering it saw the clearanced ones and were worried that the new ones would have problems too... so then they wouldn't buy the new ones either. Well it worked out great for us! When we went to buy it he remembered there was an ottoman too and offered it to us for an additional $50 when it usually sells for $298. It had a little snag in the material or something like that. We couldn't pass it up.

In the end, we bought a couch, chair, and ottoman for less than $300... which was the asking price of a couch advertised on KSL that we had intended to go look at. The KSL seller never returned my call, which is good; we spent less and got more because of it!

So the moral of the story is, we're moving into our new apartment, with a new living room set, and a new crib and changing table! Yay! PLUS we're only a few minutes down the road from the Boutiful temple which is how I found the condo in the first place (on my way home from the temple on my birthday)! Things are looking good and I might even have some new harp students to teach in my studio, so keep your fingers crossed, and come see our new place!!


Lyndsie said…
Congrats what great deals! Can't wait to see pictures!
Amy said…
Yay! That also means you're just up the hill from us - way to swing a good deal on your furniture. :)
Shay said…
Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! It will be nice to have your own place especially when your cute little boy gets here!
kimmers said…
Oh man! I wish we would have been there! We need furniture for our new apartment, but can't really afford new. We'll have to check there. Do they sell scratch and dent stuff often?
BreAnne said…
Kim, our sales man said if we ever needed anything to come talk to him because they "always have scratch and dents" that they are trying to get rid of. His name was Brad, but I don't know how often he's working or if you could just ask any of the sales guys. They were pretty easy to talk to so that was nice.