Forgetful Bre

Sitting at my computer, looking at other peoples' blogs, I suddenly realized I hadn't blogged about my last ultra sound yet! Pregnancy brain make it hard to get things done. I plan on doing something and if I have to put it off for a little bit for any reason, I better have left myself a note... and maybe that note should have a timer on it.
I didn't just sit down and blog about my last ultrasound right off the bat because I wanted to put up the pictures they gave us of our baby, and I couldn't scan them in because my scanner was packed. SURPRISE! we moved! We no longer live in Logan. We felt like we needed to move down south a bit and then we both felt like the Davis Applied Technology College was going to give us what we want. I'm going to be going there after the baby comes for the Culinary Arts Program which I've heard great things about, and Tyler is planning on going there for the electrician program which we've also heard great things about. So, we suddenly put our apt. on KSL so we could get out of our contract and moved in with Tyler's parents in Kaysville. Tyler found a new job within the first week and we might have out apt. taken! Things are working out. I'm so happy that Tyler's not working at Convergys anymore!

Anyway, so that is our sudden change. It is nice to be and hour closer to my family. I don't feel so restricted. I moved all my harp students (I now have 4) to friday afternoons so I can drive up to Logan and teach each student on their own harp in one day. I'm so glad they were so accomodating. I guess that is the nice thing about being one of the only harp teachers in the valley. :)

Since my printer scanner machine is still in a box... I don't have my pictures from my ultra sound to share, but I can still tell you about how neat it was!

When we got there I was so excited to find out the gender I could hardly sit still. I sent out a text to a whole bunch of people telling them I was in the waiting room and it was time to send in the final guess at the gender and then I'd tell them the results about an hour later. Finally our buzzer thing went off, signaling our turn, but it was only the weigh in/blood pressure test. After that I had to wait out in the waiting room AGAIN!

I wasn't sure what to expect with this ultra sound because the first was a Vaginal Ultrasound and they never said what they were doing for the second. The nurse was very down to business when she came to get us though. She was friendly and fun but I could tell she was just doing another ultrasound. It was special to her like it was to us, as fun as it is to see people's babies.

Luckily it was a "jelly on the belly" ultrasound. I was much more comfortable with that :). I swear that nurse had super eyes or something, "there's the bladder". . . "there's the kidneys" Tyler and I are looking at it like "bladder and kidneys huh? that's a blob.... and that's another blob. I don't see the bladder part of the blob..." It was still really cool though! So she kept moving the wand around looking for what to show us and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen the whole time! I loved every second of getting a sneak peek at my baby!

After a little while of looking at organs the nurse said, "well... do you want to know what it is??" In my head I'm yelling "TELL ME TELL ME ALREADY!!" but we politely said yes and she started looking around again. It didn't take her long, "oh, it's a boy! see there are his boy parts" from there she kept trying to get a good angle on them so we could see that he really is a boy. Tyler was right!!! Haha, who knew he had such intuition about our baby? Or maybe our baby is just obedient... I hope so.

So after we found out the gender she switched wands so we could look at him in 3D. That was cool too. While she was trying to get a good look at his face (which he kept burried in my back with his hand on his head the whole time!) she showed us his hands and feet and legs. When we were looking at the hand on his head he moved his hand like he was waving and I just melted. I know everyone says that their baby waves during the ultrasound, but he really did. It was so cute. She got is faces for a second here and there, but he was just being very camera shy! We have a couple blury proflile shots of his face, but she was going clear from the other side of my belly to get to his face. Technology is AMAZING!

Anyway, it was a really neat experience, and it is nice to know we can use he and him and not feel bad just in case it's a girl... nope, we have a picture of his boy parts. We're both so excited. I didn't see Tyler's face most of the ultrasound because I couldn't peel my eyes off the screen, but he told me he was smiling just as much as I was. He's going to be such a great daddy!!!

So it wasn't that I'm not excited about the results... I just can't remember the things I want to do, and then I think I've done them when I haven't. Good news is: I don't throw up very often anymore. Most days I don't throw up even once, every now and then (mostly sunday mornings for some strange reason) I run from bed to the toilet and after 1 time, I'm fine. I don't know what the difference is, but I'm sure glad it isn't very often! It is nice to eat most things again, I just can't wait to be able to eat Mexican food again!


kimmers said…
Wow you moved! That's crazy, but exciting. I'm really glad it is all working out for you. Funny how the Lord just places you where you need to be aye?

And P.S. Congrats again about having a boy. Not that you had any control over it and not that you'd be sad to have a girl, but it's exciting all around!
Amy said…
yay! it's a boy!!! :) and yay for moving - congrats all around.
Shay said…
The ultrasound is such a fun experience! It will be fun to have our little boys so close in age!
Janeal said…
BABY! That's awesome!