First Ultrasound

Well everyone, I don't have much time but i just thought I'd let ya know that... there really is a baby in there! Our little baby is measuring around 6 cm long from crown to rump and has a health heartbeat around 164 bmp! It was so neat to see so much movement and detail! Yay!


Amy said…
Bahhh!!!!! :) That's my excited scream.

Feeling any better yet? I hope so. Isn't that ultrasound business the coolest thing EVER?
Shay said…
What a cute little baby you have! I can't wait until you find out what you are having!
Jenny said…
Fun, fun! When I was pregnant with Alex they only did the one ultrasound at 20 weeks (that was when we found out what "he" was). That is neat you got to see your baby before.