Guess what! I'm married!!!
Ok I'm sorry I'm so bad at blogging, but it is harder when I only have the interent for a few minutes every week. So here's the story of my life since I got engaged and saw L. Tom Perry.

June 11th I went through the Draper temple. It was amazing and I loved it!
June 12th we went back to the Draper Temple and were sealed together for time and all eternity. After the temple we went to our luncheon at Madeline's. It was yummy! Then we headed back to my parent's house and set up for the reception. We had pictures, then my mom's sloppy Joe's and then got in line. The weather had been rainy forever but it held off all day until the end of our reception. When the clouds started to roll in we cut the cake, threw the bouquet and did a little bit of dancing. Since my Grandpa Stone couldn't make it to anything I chose to dance with my dad to a song with my grandpa and grandma singing and playing from their days in their band. It was special and I'm glad we did it. I danced with Tyler after that to My Best Friend by Tim McGraw. It was all perfect. We got everything that could be hurt by the rain inside in time and the people who were still coming in wished us congratulations in the kitchen before we changed and left for our honeymoon. Here are some pictures from our wedding day.

I have about a million pictures... ok 171... but still I can't put so many on here. I've put a lot on Facebook though, and I told it to be available to everyone and it said even those who don't have a facebook account can veiw the albums but I don't know how that works.

Anyway, we went to steamboat springs and loved it. It was rainy the whole time so we didn't get to go on the alpine slide or go horseback riding but there was a really neat hot spring that we really enjoyed.

Now we're living in Logan and he's still working at Convergys and I'm still working at Fredrico's. I just got another harp student. I miss Mikala so much, but it is nice to be teaching again. My student is 10 going on 11 and her name is Chelisa. I went with her and her mom to buy a harp the other day so that they could feel confident in their purchase. I'm excited also because I have 2 other prospective students. We'll see if anything happens with them. :)

That is my life in a nutshell right now. I don't know when I'll get the chance to blog much soon, but I'm glad I finally got to update everyone from engaged to married. :)


Amy said…
What a beautiful day and a beautiful bride and a beautiful blog. I'm excited to check out the facebook pictures! (FYI: usually if you click that thing that says "even if you're not on facebook" it'll give you a link that you could stick on your blog if you want to....)
Shay said…
Yay! You are married! It was such a great day and I'm glad that the rain held off! Everything was beautiful. That is great that you have a harp student. Congrats! I hope that things work out with the other students, that would be fun.