Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all at Once

This week has been spring break for me. Honestly though, it has been the weirdest spring break ever. For those of you who don't know, I GOT A JOB!! I'm working at Fredrico's Pizza and Salad. I like the job for the most part even though it doesn't pay a whole lot. It has a set schedule, so I work every Thursday night and Saturday night.
Well since it is spring break I thought about going home, but couldn't think what I'd do there, and knew I'd have to come back for work so... I decided to stay up here and take a couple extra shifts for people who DID have plans. (I know, I'm just nice like that ;) ) So... a girl called me on Monday and I ended up going into work for her kinda last minute because of the huge snow storm. This meant I only had Tuesday off! I've worked every night but Tuesday, and it has just been really weird, but in a way it was convenient because Tyler had to work every week night too. Now, however... I really don't want to work tonight. It doesn't really matter now, but I was pretty bummed because Tyler had to go home this morning to get a passport and for his sister-in-law's birthday party tomorrow. He was hoping to take me down there to Kaysville with him, but because he had to leave at 11 am, and I have to work until I finish closing tonight (probably 12:15 am or so), I'm here all alone. My dear roommate, Jessica, has the morning shift today (Murphy's law of course), so I'm chillin' here by myself.
I can't really complain though. Tyler wanted to do something special for me so he took me out to breakfast this morning.
Angie's Restaurant
I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to eat at Angie's, but it is actually really good. I'd been wanting to try their breakfast for a while now because I've heard it is really good but I'd just never had the chance. Well Tyler and I got there and it was so busy that we had to sit and wait for a table. It's ok, it was worth the wait. :) I got a belgin waffle with strawberries and coolwhip on top, with a side of over hard eggs and two sausage links. WOW... that is a lot of food. Tyler got blueberry pancakes (which I predicted correctly based on his love for blueberries haha), with a side of scrambled eggs and two sausage links. He couldn't finish his because it was SOOO much food, but I put it away! Seriously, I have a weakness for good, tastey breakfast! I won't have to eat much for the rest of the day, I think it will probaby last a while....
So even though Tyler had to leave for the rest of the spring break (I know, I know, it really isn't that long, but hey, it is one of his only days off and I don't get to see him for the rest of it.), he took me out for an awesome breakfast and was really sweet about it. He's a really caring guy, and I love it when he surprises me like he did this morning. :)
The good thing about him leaving is... I have a ton of music to get down on my harp, and now he's not here to distract me with other fun stuff. haha.... I'd much rather go bowling like we wanted to before he found out he had to go home.


Shay said…
Nice blog remodel! I like it! It is very pretty. That is fun that Tyler took you out for breakfast. I would have to say that breakfast foods are my favorite! I didn't even know that it was your spring break. That's good that you were able to work some extra hours!
Amy said…
Mmmmm breakfast....Do you think i could trick Josh into driving me to Logan for breakfast? no? me neither.