Happy New Year

Well everyone... It has been far too long since the last time I thought of something to write about. I am pretty sure I say that every time... but it is still true every time. It is time to make some resolutions, and I've decided to tell people about them so that I might actually get them done. Most of my goals are for the semester, and a couple are just on going goals. Here they are, I'd love your advice and support with them.
1. Do 40 minutes or more of cardio everyday
2. Do 20-30 minutes of toning everyday
- Through these my goal is to loose 20-25 lbs and keep it off.
3. Practice my harp for an hour everyday
4. Bake for pleasure only after practicing my harp for an hour
5. Obtain a 4.0
6. Study the scriptures everyday with a purpose or question behind it

So there you have it folks. I am going to accomplish those goals this semester. Only... I'm going to keep accomplishing the scripture goal... forever? that would be a good idea. I'm expecting a lot from myself by making them all everyday goals... however, I know what I'm capable of if I discipline myself. I will try to keep you updated because I really will need your support and encouragement to accomplish these goals. Happy New Year!!!


Amy said…
Very impressive, that's what I say. And I know you can do it too - a big time commitment? Yes. But you are fully capable. :) I wish you nothing but the best.