Game Show Bre

Have you ever thought about what game show your life would be... if it were one? I was thinking about that this morning. I've decided mine would be "Who wants to be a BreAnne Stone?" Not that it is bad to be me... obviously replacing the word millionaire with my name suggests it is something I'm interested in. However, life just seems to be a series of questions (not always asked verbally) that I must answer, only in this game, you have to act on them too. As I remember watching that show, I remember how intense the game got as the questions became more and more important toward reaching the final goal. Folks, you can't be a college student and not have questions like those to deal with. So I've got all these questions going on... and I'm just feeling overwhelmed. I can't really use a "50/50" because it would do me no good... most of these questions' answers are already narrowed down to 2 options.
ok... so then how about "Phone a Friend"?
I have been... He and I don't communicate very well. I mean we do sometimes... but I always have a hard time hearing Him when it comes to the big important questions... I can't tell if it is me or Him talking, ya know? So that leaves me with "Poll the Audience".
I'd have to say the audience in this case would be anyone I know that I talk to about my issues. To be honest, I don't feel like that is effective, because it is like that life line is disabled. Sure I can get some advice here or there, but... in the end, no one can tell me the right answer but me and the friend I'm on the phone with.... symbolically of course. The problem is, I just want everyone to tell me the answers, I don't want to figure them out on my own and ask my Friend if He thinks that I'm right or not. I second guess WAY too much for that. Here is the other option, "Walk away". yeah... ok, let me please just avoid my life and live in my room like a hermit... I'm sure that will solve all of my problems. NOT. I guess in a way that is like choosing an answer... it is like choosing 5: None of the above.... only there are only 2 choices so.... 3: None of the above. This is the part where I'm supposed to stop complaining and just be grateful for my agency... sometimes it would be easier to just let the right answer be made for me.


Amy said…
I hear you! Hopefully at some point it just becomes as clear as if you were never given the option. I'll hope for that for you. :)
Nathan Stone said…
Maybe you should do "Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader" instead so you can cheat!
Shay said…
I like Nate's comment, he is such a funny brother! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you. :)