Liam Scott Sargent

And then there were 5! Liam Scott Sargent was born February 9, 2019 weighing 7 lbs even and measuring 20 inches long. His birth was so different from the other 4 we’ve experienced, and we are so grateful for his calm sweet spirit in our family!

When we found out we were expecting baby number 5, we were surprised but also not. We’d been feeling for a while that there was another child meant for our family. With our past babies we had always gone to a certified nurse midwife in a hospital for our deliveries. As I looked for a certified nurse midwife for this pregnancy, I ran into some difficulties. Starting the pregnancy in California, I was very busy with my school work and clinical requirements making it difficult to find a time to make a prenatal appointment. Additionally, I didn’t really want to start care with someone knowing I wouldn’t be with them very long. I had decided I would just wait until I’d moved to Utah to find a CNM. What I didn’t know was that waiting to see anyone would cause me to be considered a higher risk pregnancy. I didn’t want any ultrasounds unless we had reason to believe there was a problem. I was told that because I hadn’t had any prenatal appointments during the first trimester and was refusing an anatomy ultrasound, I as too high of a risk for a CNM and I’d need to seek an OB/GYN willing to work take my case. This was frustrating, but Tyler and I didn’t want to compromise on the decisions we had made and the experience we were hoping to have with this birth. We decided to look for a birth center and a midwife instead.

We searched and found Innate Midwifery and contacted Katia for a tour and consultation. It was a great experience and we felt confident in her experience and education, so we proceeded with care with her. She was kind and caring, supportive and knowledgeable throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.
I woke up at 2:00 am on Feb. 9th to a strong contraction. I looked at my phone next to my bed to see the time but then fell right back to sleep. I was woken again 15 minutes later with another strong contraction and again looked at the time and went back to sleep. After another 15 minutes I had another strong contraction and then heard DeLayna crying in her room. I got up and walked to her room noticed the time was 2:30. Walking to her room brought on a few small contractions but I wasn’t convinced it would keep going. I sent DeLayna to use the bathroom and as I waited for her, I had another strong contraction and felt the need to do some deep breathing through it. I got out my contraction timing app and started keeping track. I was surprised to see that after taking DeLayna to the bathroom, my contractions had suddenly jumped from 15 minutes apart to under 10 minutes apart.

At 3:20 in the morning I sent my midwife, Katia, a text letting her know that I was having contractions of varying length and that I wasn’t sure how advanced into labor I was. In the past I’ve had 3 of my 4 other babies in the posterior presentation during labor, which made my contractions strong and painful and irregular. Because of those experiences, I started wondering if Liam was posterior as well because the contractions were quite strong already and anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart. I labored a while longer on my own and then went to my bedroom and woke Tyler. I wanted a chiropractic adjustment to make sure my pelvis was in balance to best allow baby to be born, and since Tyler’s preceptor was my dad, who we were living with, it worked out. Tyler got up and started checking me, but it was a long process because every time I got a contraction, I would have to get off the adjusting table to labor on my hands and knees. When he finished working on me, I felt frustrated because the contractions were more intense and difficult to stay focused through. I was asking Tyler to provide counter pressure on my low back with every contraction and feeling discouraged that the adjustment hadn’t brought relief. At the time I did realize a change in the contractions, I could feel Liam moving down, however I didn't really understand what I was feeling in that moment. Instead, I was starting to wonder how I would be able to labor for hours longer (as I had experience with 3 other births) with how difficult it was already getting to not let the contractions get the best of me. In retrospect, I've realized getting adjusted had switched gears in my labor, and I was progressing much faster.
I sent Katia a screen shot of my contraction history at 4:30 in the morning and she decided to start driving to the birth center in order to be there when we arrived. About 20 minutes later I called her and talked to her about what I was experiencing and told her we would get in the car and meet her at the birth center. She was driving from Salt Lake to South Orem, so her drive was 30-45 minutes. We got off the phone and I went to the bathroom and realized Liam's bag was bulging and I could feel Liam’s head crowning through the bag. I called Katia back and told her he was crowning and we wouldn’t be getting in the car after all! I was on my knees facing my tub resting my arms on the edge of the tub as my labor continued. Leaving Katia on speakerphone, she changed her course to come to our house instead, talking to us as things suddenly progressed. Tyler called down the hall to my parents (who were laying in bed wishing for an invitation) for back up as we realized we were going to be delivering the baby without our midwife.

As the next contractions became almost overlapping and I started feeling the urge to push, Tyler urged me to get into the bathtub in front of me just to contain the mess of birth. I’d been thinking the same thing but the idea of climbing into the tub seemed too difficult during back to back contractions. I willed myself into the tub, stayed on my knees, faced the back shower wall and rested my forearms against the shower wall for support as I had another contraction. I begged for counter-pressure, and received it gratefully thinking it was Tyler and finding out days later that it was my mom, because Tyler's hands were waiting to catch Liam. With this contraction, Liam's head was born! With the next contraction Liam was in Tyler's hands. I exclaimed to Katia that our baby was out! She congratulated us and talked me through delivering my placenta. The time was 5:00 am, only 3 hours since the first contraction woke me up!

After the placenta was delivered I finally rolled off my knees onto my back and took Liam into my arms and onto my chest for skin to skin. He was perfect and happy and peaceful. He looked into my eyes and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. We rested there enjoying skin to skin while we waited for Katia to arrive, which was about 15 more minutes. Google maps took her to the wrong address, so my dad ended up getting on the phone and talking her to our house. Once she arrived she helped Tyler cut Liam's umbilical cord, handed Liam to Tyler and helped me get cleaned up. She prepared my bed with disposable bed pads and helped me get comfortable in my own bed (which I must say was way more comfortable than any hospital bed I've ever stayed in). She then inspected to see if I'd torn, and took my vitals. Once I passed my tests, she took Liam from Tyler and did his newborn exam. Once she was finished I took my sweet new baby in my arms and couldn't believe we had just had a home birth!

Shortly after all this was done, Luke and Dax came upstairs. It was already 7 am and they had just woken up. They came down the hall to our room wondering what all the talking was about and we invited them to come meet their baby brother! They were so shocked! I told them he was born in the bathtub and the literally laughed out loud thinking that was such a silly place for him to be born. They each got a turn holding him. Soon Lacey and DeLayna woke up and came to our room as well. Upon meeting their new brother they were instantly so in love! They each got a turn holding him as well. It was an amazing family experience! Before Liam was born, one of the reasons we had planned on birthing at the birth center was because I thought I would be more calm and comfortable there without my other kids around possibly getting in the way or being noisy. The way the birth took place while they were still sleeping, but just in time for them to wake up and meet him was better than I could have planned it!

I'm so grateful I didn't have to labor in the car! That has always been such an unpleasant part of laboring as we have driven to hospitals. I'm so grateful Liam was born so quickly so we could experience such a family bonding moment as the kids woke to meet their new brother! I'm so grateful things went so smoothly, and Liam was born healthy and safe. He was not crying when he was born aside from 1 small squawk, but he was in a peaceful, quiet and loving environment. He was breathing well, responsive, and perfect. He has continued to be a very calm and happy baby!

I'm so grateful my husband was so calm and ready and prepared to catch Liam. There was no panic (except about the impending mess on the bathroom floor, which we successfully contained in the tub). I'm so grateful my parents were there and able to lend a hand, or 4. I still chuckle at how unaware I was of my surroundings as Liam was born. It wasn't until days later that I was replaying the birth in my mind and wondering how Tyler caught Liam AND applied counter-pressure to my back at the SAME time! Silly me, I didn't even know my mom had stepped into the cramped bathroom and taken Tyler's place to give me counter-pressure as he caught our son. It was all such a beautiful and sacred experience. I'm so grateful Tyler was able to give me a well delivered chiropractic adjustment during my labor, as I know it made a huge difference in my contractions.

Thank you all for your love and support of our family! We are so happy to have Liam in our family. He has 3 mother-figures (me, Lacey and DeLayna), and 3 father-figures (Tyler, Luke, and Dax) as everyone wants to hold him, change his diaper, change his clothes, play with him, feed him, kiss him etc. We missed him in our family and we didn't know it until he was finally here!

Now enjoy some photos from his "newborn" photoshoot... where he was already a couple months old. Sorry baby #5...

Thanks to his talented Aunt Amy Stone for the fun photo shoot!