DeLayna Bre Sargent

So it has been a year and a half since the last time I posted! Sorry! Our lives have been a little crazy, but those things are for a different day. Today I have a minute so I want to type up DeLayna's birth story. Surprise! I was pregnant during and had another baby since the last time I post! haha!

DeLayna Bre Sargent was born November 15, 2014 at 1:30 am weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 18.5 inches long. She wasn't due to be born until November 27th, Thanksgiving Day, however, I really wanted her to come early and I guess she decided she was ok with the idea. Tyler is back in school full time doing the prerequisites classes he needs to be able to go to Chiropractic College and the 14th was his last day in class before Thanksgiving break. I was so nervous that she would come too early and that he'd miss class but luckily, she was being really thoughtful and waited ;). I'd been having some contractions on and off on the 13th but nothing too serious. When I woke up on the 14th I noticed that my contractions were starting to get stronger and they were coming every time I tried to do something. I didn't want to mention it to Tyler because he had a test that day and I didn't want to have him worrying about me going into labor when he should be thinking about his test. As the contractions didn't go away I asked what time his test would be and told him I was having some contractions but didn't want him to worry.

As the day wore on I continued to have contractions so I started making a few preparations just in case, such as laundry. By the early evening time the contractions were getting strong enough that I would need to stop what I was doing and breathe through them. I decided it was time to pack a hospital bag so I wouldn't be scurrying around if the contractions got stronger. I spent some time on the birthing ball and even went down to the treadmill and walked for half an hour drinking lots of water all the while. All this was in an effort to either get things to progress or stop it if it was false labor. There were a few contractions on the treadmill that made me stop walking and breathe but mostly I was able to keep walking.

Since the contractions weren't stopping but weren't to the point where I felt like we should go to the hospital, we decided to turn on a movie to occupy our minds and take our thoughts off of how slow time seemed to be going by. I sat on the birthing ball and we turned on The Hunger Games. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger to the point where I needed to get on my hands and knees and really use my breathing techniques with each one. The problem was they weren't coming at a consistent interval of time as sometimes it would be only 5 minutes then others were only 1-2 minutes and then there would be a 6-7 minutes stretch. I think one of the hardest things about labor is when it's difficult but not progressing like you think it should. I always worry I'm in false labor and that it's all going to suddenly stop and be disappointing and to an extent, pointless. Well the contractions were getting strong enough that I decided to call my midwife and find out what her opinion was. It was 11:00 pm when I called and the midwife on call was Elizabeth Harmer CNM. I explained to her the timing of the contractions and she asked if I was having a lot of back pain explaining that the timing is often similar to what I was describing when the baby is posterior. I wasn't having a lot of back labor (like I had experienced with Dax), but after talking to me and hearing me stop to breathe through a couple contractions while on the phone she told me to come in and get checked.

We grabbed our things and headed to American Fork Hospital which was only about a 10 minute drive, thank goodness. They took us in and took me to a triage room to be checked. I asked what time it was after I got changed into my gown and Tyler told me it was 12:30. When the nurse came in and checked me I was already Dilated to a 6! They admitted me and took me to a room to deliver in. As I labored they tried to hook me up to an IV for my antibiotics because I had tested Group B Strep positive (as always). The nurse who came in to put in the IV was no good. I was really annoyed with how careless she was. It was the most painful IV I've had. She just seemed like she was rushing and didn't really care if she did a good job. Even though she didn't do it carefully, she got the stupid IV in and started the drip. They made me wear the monitors for 20 minutes but I wasn't very cooperative. I told them NO I wasn't going to lay on my back for 20-30 minutes while they monitored the baby. I'm sorry, but I can't labor effectively on my back and in my opinion it slows down labor to lay down. So I made them deal with me on my hands and knees. I'm really nice like that.

After they took the monitor off my midwife checked me and said I was dilated to a 8+ and complete. She asked me if I wanted her to break my water. I thought that breaking my water would slow things down because I thought someone had told me that the bag pushes and opens things up with each contraction but she said the baby's head would actually do a better job and it would speed things up. Well tell a laboring woman that it will speed things up and of course she's going to say yes. So I agreed and she broke my water. Sure enough, it got more intense like she said it would, but before long I started to feel like pushing. I got up on my hands and knees and with the coming contractions I started to give in to the urge to push. It was only a couple of contractions of pushing and my midwife was saying things like "her head is just right there! You're doing great" A couple more contractions and she started crowning. With the next contraction I really put a lot into it and her head came through. The contraction stopped and I was waiting for the next contraction to continue pushing but everyone was yelling at me to keep pushing. So without the help of a contraction I started pushing. One ornery nurse in particular was telling me to push and I said, "I am" which was hard to say while pushing, mind you. The nurse then got right up in my face and yelled "WE NEEEEEED YOU TO PUSH!" It just made me so mad!! I know how to deliver a baby! THIS IS MY 4TH BABY! So I yelled back "I AM PUSHING!!!!" once the contraction started and helped me in my pushing the rest of her body slipped through and a wave of relief came over me. They handed her to my through my legs and helped me lay down. I was so happy to hear I hadn't torn hardly at all and didn't need stitches! Yay!

Tyler helped cut her cord and I got to hold her for a while as the cleaned up. Right as DeLayna was delivered she had a bowl movement and it got all over me and the bed and so it was just a huge gross mess. (TMI? Maybe, sorry)

Tyler went with the nurse as they took her to weigh her. After a short while I got cleaned up and the moved us to another room to stay in.

We left Luke and Dax and Lacey with my parents when we went to the hospital and so they got to come the next day and see their new baby sister. It was really so neat. Luke is old enough (4) to understand better what a new baby means and he was so sweet to watch hold his new baby sister. Lacey was just in love right off the bat and Dax was such a sweet brother too. They still love her and give her a lot of hugs and kisses.

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY DeLayna! We love you!