The Thing About Food Blogs

The thing about food blogs is that they have pictures of these delicious looking foods... and then the accompanying recipe... and who doesn't just want to drop everything and make every single recipe they find when they look so yummy?!?!?!? Take this one for example:

Brown Butter Peach Crumble Bars? Yes please! I most definitely think they sound like the thing to make with fresh peaches... if you can keep from eating all the peaches first.

Or how about this one:

I want to make these for dinner. I don't care if they suggest serving them with ice cream on top, they look so so yummy!

So everytime I see a picture with a recipe that looks too good to pass up, I copy and save it to my computer of course. This means that I have a folder in my documents folder named "Recipes" and within that I have sub-folders with dinners, desserts, and other things. I have so very many recipes in these folders that I've never tried because of this situation I get in where I have to save a copy of these wonderful looking recipes even though I don't have a time picked out to try them yet.

I did decide to try one though. (I have tried others, but this one I'm going to tell you about) It looked different and possibly yummy and definitely more than my daily allowance dessert calories.

Although they were pretty tasty, they weren't really my favorite. I really loved the chocolate chip cookie recipe though. I thought it made the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. Tyler's favorite cookie for most of his life (until I started making triple chip pean-oat-butter cookies) was chocolate chip. His problem, however, is that he is really picky about the way the cookie turns out. It can't be too flat and it can't be crispy around the edge like the butter fried the edges. It has to be fluffy and cooked through but soft and slightly gooey. A minute too much and they're too dry. Anyway, I've had a hard time trying to make them just right for him since I met him and it has really bugged me that I could bake batch after batch and have him say, "meh, they're ok.". He knows how much I like to bake and how much I love it when people LOVE what I bake. So it has driven me crazy these 2.5 years of knowing him. These ones, however, turned out perfect! It is my new go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

So now that my mouth is watering and my stomach is growling and begging me to please make one of the delicious looking things I keep finding, I'm going to try to satisfy it with something healthy instead. The bun baking in my oven really needs a healthy mom, not one that is exploding because there are so dang many food blogs with so dang many yummy looking foods!


Dude! I totally know what you mean. Chuck's favorite is chocolate chip, but he's super picky about "what makes a good choc chip cookie". I hover around him every time he takes a bite of a new recipe, waiting to gauge his reaction. Unfortunately, what makes a good cookie to him doesn't constitute a good cookie to me... so we may never have the 'perfect' recipe! :)