Cute Words and Mud

I got out my camera the other day because I wanted some new cute videos and pictures of Luke. He's growing so much and I just don't want to not capture some of him as often as possible!

So Luke had my keys and was out trying to unlock some holes he found in the siding of our shed. I got down to his level (which at this point in my pregnancy was not the easiest thing to do, and I had to stand up and take breaks frequently and then try again), and tried to get him to look at me long enough to get some pictures. The video is fun because I was able to capture his attempts to say some words. He's starting to try to say words sooner after hearing them and he's getting pretty close.

The video wouldn't upload on blogger for some reason, it was taking FOREVER! So I uploaded it to Picasa. If you click on the picture below it will take you to the video on my Picasa account.

This one is probably my favorite! I wish he wasn't cut off, but at least his cute face made it in. He might have been mid- word... something that starts with an "F"?

This one was DEFINITELY mid-word. I don't know what word. He was very excited about something I think.

Luke LOVES sitting under this bush tree thing! He takes toys and things to it and just sits there and plays with them in the dirt. Bo always follows him and chews on a stub of the tree. They are pretty close friends. I love it.

I love his smile!

This one is kinda cool. I think he looks like he's modeling some baby clothes or something. I don't know, it's just different and intriguing. Some day when I'm really rich I'll buy and SLR camera and learn how to use it so I can take real pictures of my kids. :)

These next photos are from a day a few weeks ago when Tyler was fixing the sprinklers in our yard. There was a broken pipe that was making a big puddle... and Luke's a little boy. You do the math.

I just think he's so cute. Especially with dirt on his face.

Whoa... Gettin' a little close to the camera...

What are you talking about mom?

"Caught... am I in trouble??? I'll just look at you and wait for your reaction."

From Mud

This will also take you to my Picasa album to view a video of Luke diggin' in the mud.


kimmers said…
He is so BLONDE!! So adorable. He's so big and I don't even know if I have seen him in real life. Maybe once. Sad. :(
I am so very much in love with these pictures! Especially the one with him and Bo sitting under the tree. That will be a favorite forever. It carries so much meaning and memories! Also, Chuck used to eat dirt when he was a little boy, so when I saw Luke with dirt all over his face, I thought, "MmmmHmmm. That's probably exactly what Chuck looked like." And ALSO, I apparently don't have permission to view your videos. I see how you are. Exclude the bestie. Whatever ;)